Captain's Log
V19/18 Newcastle to Sydney
20 October 2018

Day 2 – Patonga Beach, First Climbs, and Thunder and Lightning

Ahoy Shipmates…Day 2, and what a day it was. We awoke this morning to a clear but hazy morning at anchor just off Patonga Beach in Broken Bay, having arrived at 2330 last night. After a quick introduction game at 0630, it was time for breakfast, showers, and then morning brief at 0800. After an enthusiastic (if not tuneful) rendition of Advance Australia Fair and the Colours ceremony (raising the flags), we rolled straight into morning brief, hearing from Sailmaster Guv about the days program, Navigator Jerome about our recent travels, Chef Zac about the galley and cafe rules, Salty (aka Watch Officer Phil)…our resident expert on nautical terminology, and myself. It was then time for happy hour (cleaning stations) after which we completed the safety aloft brief and the watches took turns at laying aloft. I am pleased to report that almost everyone made it to the top of the fore mast…there were some shaky legs but they all did very well. After lunch Safety Girl (aka Blue Watch Leader Karly) gave a more detailed brief on all the ship’s safety equipment. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the watch leaders taking their teams through setting and furling drills of our fore and aft sails. Dinner was a highlight (as usual) and while the Youth Crew were in a feeding frenzy (a scary sight…must’ve worked up an appetite!), the staffies weighed anchor just as a spectacular thunder storm hit. It brought with it an amazing light show, heavy rain, but unfortunately not much wind. Once it had passed the Youth Crew came up on deck (fair weather sailors so far) and under the guidance of the Sailmaster set a full press of fore and aft sails in preparation for tacking stations. This is an important activity as the crew need to be well versed on their various roles and responsibilities for tacking (turning) the ship. In some persistent light rain we completed 2 twilight tacks before the ship settled into watches as we make our way south to Sydney Harbour to support the Invictus Games sailing tomorrow. Overnight the Youth Crew will learn the Watch on Deck routines…lookout, helm and upper deck/engine room rounds. We will be coming through the heads at around 0600 tomorrow morning, before berthing near the Opera House…not a bad spot to park! I’ll sign off now…tomorrow night I will enlist the assistance of some Youth Crew to write Captain’s Log…I’m sure they’ll have much to tell. As always…fair winds…Captain Kenny.


33 39s / 151 25e


Wind: ENE at 12 knots Weather: Rain and storms Swell: E at 1.5m Course: 140 true Speed: 3 knots Location: SE of Broken Bay