Captain's Log
28 June 2014

Day 2 – Light Conditions

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. Overnight we have continued to make good speed to the south utilising main engines (iron headsails) due to lack of wind. From Mackay to Sydney is 940nm so we have to try and maintain an average speed of 4.9kts to make it on time. At present, due to the kindness of the \’weather gods\’ we are experiencing light conditions, which despite not assisting us with our sailing, is allowing us to maintain a speed of 6-7kts under engines. By morning brief this morning we were located 7nm to the south west of the Percy Islands experiencing light NW winds with passing rain squalls. Being our first morning brief for the voyage the Youth Crew were briefed on important things like the 90 second shower rule and the use of the ships toilet system (heads). With these things out of the way they were introduced to ‘Salty’ whose job it is to educate them on nautical names/terms and the history behind them. This morning it was all about where the term ‘shake a leg’ comes from and in true Young Endeavour style Salty used some very comical props (Jodie & Dougy) to act out the story behind this commonly used term. Following morning brief it was straight into ‘happy hour’ (clean ship) which is an extremely important part of shipborne life, as I am a firm believer in that a clean ship is a happy ship!!. Lunch followed with Chef Haydon spoiling us once again with his wonderful food then those of us not on watch enjoyed a short siesta so that we were refreshed for the rest of the day’s activities. At 1400 Sumo the Engineer mustered everyone at midships and introduced them to their first set of ‘Rope Races’. This activity helps the Youth Crew to learn the many lines, sails, parts of rigging and safety equipment that are located onboard Young Endeavour. It was a close event but I believe that Dougy and Jodie’s White Watch won this event today with the other two watches not far behind. Normally during the afternoon of Day 2 we would go to tacking stations and conduct a couple of tacks so that the Youth Crew is comfortable with their positions but due to the lack of wind this activity has been postponed until tomorrow. In its place we had previously noticed that we had a few small holes in the main staysail so we got the Youth Crew to assist us with dropping the sail and conducted some minor sail repairs. Late this afternoon everyone was again mustered at midships and without my knowledge they surprised me with a wonderful ‘Birthday Cake’. It is hard to keep secrets on Young Endeavour but I had thought that I might have gotten through the day without anyone making a fuss about it being my birthday but I should know better by now. So a big thanks to the Staff and Youth Crew for making my day special.The time is now 2015 and we are located 23nm to the NE of great Keppel Island still motor sailing due to lack of wind. In the past 24hrs we have travelled 151.6nm so are staying above our required speed. The forecast is for the wind to back to the SW and increase overnight which hopefully will give us a chance to set some more sail. Overnight the Youth Crew will remain in their sea watches and continue to consolidate some of their new mariner skills. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav PS Thank you to the many friends and family who have sent texts and messages wishing me a happy birthday it is most appreciated. Unfortunately I will not be able to reply until we are back in mobile range. 


23° 2' South / 151° 14' East


Currently located 23nm to the NE of Great Keppel Island and experiencing light N-NW winds with .5m SW swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees.