Captain's Log
12 March 2008

Day 2 – Gulf of St Vincent

After an early start to the morning kicked off by the dulcet and insisting voice of the Sailing Master, all crew played a quick name game designed to assist people to learn the names of every one onboard. A hearty breakfast and shower later it was time for the fist of the circus that is morning brief. All Youth Crew (YC) were introduced to relevant members of the crew including Cheff Jarod and the engineer. After a list of do’s and don’ts every one rushed off to ‘Happy Hour’. This is the hour of power that involves the least favoured but necessary task of cleaning stations.By mid morning all crew were up on deck again for a safety brief by White Watch Leader and Safety Equipment specialist Belle. This was followed by some further line handling and deck safety conducted by the various watch leaders. With such an intense programme and so much to learn about a sophisticated machine, many heads were swimming with the new lingo being introduced to them. By lunch time it was time to get underway. Young Endeavour weighed anchor and under light and variable winds commenced the scenic passage down the Gulf of St Vincent bound for Backstairs Passage and the Great Southern Ocean waiting at the south eastern edge of Kangaroo Island.Once underway and with a tummy full of grub, all watches finished off the very important task of learning how to set the sails safely and of course leaning to work in their watch as a team.After a short break of about an hour, at 1600 we commenced ‘tacking stations’. This is the first change all watches have had to interact and a complete YC. Sailing a Tall Ship is very people power intensive and requires all hands on deck when tacking the ship. In a light south easterly breeze this was achieved in good time.Tonight we will transit the passage between Australia and Kangaroo Island and get into learning more about the watch routine run from the bridge, including helming (steering) the ship, lookout duties and doing rounds of the internals. Our navigation plan is quite simple at this stage – keep Australia on the left and the big ocean on the right!Until tomorrow…I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


35° 42' South / 138° 7' East


Wind east south easterly 10-15 kts. Low easterly swell. Temp 17c. Sparse cloud cover. Expect winds to continue to back to the east overnight and maintain 10-15kts.