Captain's Log
20 July 2012

Day 2 – Good Sailing

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 2 of our Voyage. The Youth Crew were awake and on deck early this morning to witness a brilliant Airlie Beach sunrise. We kicked of the morning with a “getting to know you exercise” followed by the normal huge Young Endeavour breakfast. At 0755 the Youth Crew were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of colours (raise flags and sing National Anthem) and morning brief. On completion of these activities preparations were made for sailing. At 0940 the lines were cast off and the ship conducted a well executed manoeuvre to depart her berth and safely transit through the tight marina breakwater s-bend and into clear water. Once in open water we altered course to the north east then transited the short distance to our planned anchorage at Pioneer Point were we completed the rest of the morning’s program. Following lunch the anchor was weighed, and once clear of our anchorage the ship was brought under sail for the first time for this voyage. During the afternoon the Watch Leaders instructed the Youth Crew on deck safety then moved on to sail drills. By 1615 all of the Watch Leaders had reported that their watches could safely set the majority of fore and aft sails and had been fully briefed on their tacking stations. On receiving this report the ship was called to tacking stations and in perfect sailing conditions the Youth Crew successfully completed their first set of tacks as a crew (altering course by putting the bow of the ship through the wind). On completion of this activity we altered course to the north east and after rounding Hayman Island shaped a new course for the Outer Reef. The time is now 1930 and the Youth Crew have now settled into their watches for the night. Currently the forecast is for favourable conditions so we should enjoy good sailing throughout the night. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


20° 0' South / 149° 2' East


Currently located 9nm East of Hayman Island experiencing moderate - strong SE winds with a 1M swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees.