Captain's Log
V01/21 Sydney to Sydney
3 October 2021

Day 2 – First Climbs, Setting and Furling, Goodbye Sydney!

Ahoy shipmates… welcome to Day Two. After a restful night at anchor, we have kept the youth crew busy all day. It started with a 0630 wakey wakey via music over the broadcast system… nothing like a bit of Bob Marley in the morning.After a quick early morning activity on the upper decks, it was time for breakfast and showers. At 0800 we all gather around the bridge for the traditional ‘colours’ ceremony (flag raising), including an enthusiastic rendition of the national anthem, before morning brief enlightened all gathered on the plan for the day. “Happy hour” (cleaning stations) followed, and once the ship was sparkling the safety aloft and harness briefs were delivered. At 0930 blue watch lay aloft on the foremast, followed by white then red. Everyone made it off the deck, if not quite all the way – the first challenge conquered (partially)!It was then time for a delicious lunch from chef Keely and her trusty youth crew sidekicks, before we rolled into setting and furling drills for the afternoon. By 1600 the youth crew’s heads were about to explode from the information overload, so we took a break before dinner, enjoying the Wednesday afternoon sailing races on the harbour. At 1815, after once again being spoilt by dinner, we weighed anchor and departed Sydney. Once clear of the heads we set sail and shut down engines, making the most of the 15 knot easterly breeze and relatively mild seas. Overnight we will make our way to the south under sail, with the youth crew being introduced to ‘watch on deck’ duties (lookout, helm, navigation) as we make our way towards Jervis Bay. That about sums the day. Tomorrow night I will enlist the aid of the youth crew to write Captain’s Log – I’m sure you’d much rather hear from them than me. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny


33 56s / 151 20e


Wind: E at 15 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Mild Course: 162 Speed: 5 knots Location: East of Botany Bay