Captain's Log
V20/18 Sydney to Sydney
12 October 2018

Day 2 – Farewell Sydney Harbour…A busy Day…And the Green Goblin!

Ahoy Shipmates…Day 2, a traditionally busy day! Last night all but one of our intrepid young adventurers made it to the top of the foremast and out onto the Top Gallant yard…a great effort! After a restful night at anchor, Young Endeavour awoke to a hazy Monday morning at 0630. After a quick deck game it was time for showers and breakfast. At 0800 we conducted the Colours Ceremony (raising of flags) followed by the first morning brief of the voyage, hearing from the Navigator, Engineer, Watch Officer (aka Salty…ship’s nautical terminology expert), Sailmaster and myself. The Youth Crew were then introduced to the joys of the aptly named ‘Happy Hour’ (cleaning). With the ship sparkling they all came back up on deck for Captain’s Safety where they learned all about the ship’s safety equipment, after which the real fun began…sail handling. Guided by their watch leaders the Youth Crew set about practising setting and furling sails. This continued until after lunch then at 1430 we departed our anchorage in Rose Bay and made our way to sea. Once outside the heads, despite the relatively calm conditions, the dreaded green goblin (sea sickness) reared it’s ugly head. To their credit everyone pushed through and after James gave the mainsail brief we set a full press of fore and aft sails in preparation for tacking stations. With the Youth Crew briefed and in position we successfully completed 3 tacks and a wear (gybe). Dinner followed and we are currently about 12 nautical miles off the coast making our way to the north. The Youth Crew have commenced keeping bridge watches, learning about watch on deck responsibilities (helm, lookout, upper deck and machinery rounds). Each watch will keep a four hour watch overnight. We have unfortunately lost our wind so are currently being assisted by the iron headsails (engines)! All are well (mostly) are are embracing the challenge of sailing a tall ship! Until tomorrow, fair winds and following seas…Captain Kenny


34 00s / 151 31e


Wind: SE at 2 knots Weather: Overcast Swell: NE at 1.5m Course: 017 true Speed: 4 knots Location: 13nm east of Sydney