Captain's Log
25 May 2019

Day 2 – Farewell Mackay…Whitsundays here we come!

Ahoy shipmates, and welcome to Day 2. When I left you last night the Youth Crew were about to commence their first night climbs. I am pleased to report that all but three made it to the top. A successful night, with those that didn’t keen for further attempts. We were rapped up by 1030 and after some hot chocolate and biscuits, all hit the hay for some well earned rest. At 0630 this morning Sailmaster Karly awoke the crew with some soothing tunes, and after a quick early morning activity, we departed Mackay Marina shortly after 0700. After breakfast and showers we conducted the first morning brief of the voyage, hearing from the Sailmaster, Navigator, Engineer, Boats Officer (aka Salty…teller of tall tales and true about the origins of naval terminology), and myself. On completion we conducted Captain’s Safety, where the Youth Crew are given a detailed introduction to all the safety equipment onboard. It was then time for the happiest hour of the day…happy hour (better known as cleaning station). A clean ship is a happy ship! Despite the relatively mild conditions (15-18 knots of wind and a one metre swell), a number of our young adventurers met the dreaded green goblin (aka sea sickness)….no fun at all, but it too shall pass. After some down time and lunch, the Watch Leaders then spent the afternoon taking the Youth Crew through sail handling drills, setting and furling a number of our fore and aft sails as we sailed past a number of islands, most notably Brampton Island…we are in a beautiful part of the world! At 1530 Sailmaster Karly gave the mainsail brief and ordered a full press of sails, and once complete, called the ship to tacking stations. After a series of three tacks and a wear (gybe), very well handled by the Youth Crew I might add, we resumed our passsage north…destination Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet…stunning! We will settle into watches overnight, with the Youth Crew learning the ropes (pardon the pun), consolidating their sail handling and climbing skills, as well as learning the responsibilities of watch on deck…helm, lookout and rounds. Currently we remain under sail in a very pleasant 16 knots of wind on a beam reach. We should reach the Whitsundays around sunrise and will transit through Solway Passage en route Whitehaven Beach…much fun to be had! That’s about it for now, until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny!


20 39s / 149 24e


Wind: SE at 15 knots Weather: Cloudy but fine Sea: SE at 1.0m Course: 030 Speed: 5 knots Location: NE of Brampton Island