Captain's Log
31 January 2011

Day 2 – Departed Port Phillip Bay

ocated Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 2 of our Voyage. The Youth Crew were awake and on deck early this morning to witness a brilliant Melbourne sunrise. We kicked of the morning with a ���getting to know you exercise�� followed by the normal huge Young Endeavour breakfast. At 0755 the Youth Crew were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of colours (raise flags and sing Natiowell.nal Anthem) and morning brief. On completion it was straight into cleaning stations (this part of the morning we call Happy Hour) followed by a very comprehensive safety equipment brief given by the ���Dutchy�� the Ships Safety Equipment Officer. Whilst this was occurring the anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour commenced the long pilotage down to the south of Port Phillip Bay. During the day the Youth Crew were kept busy with deck safety and sail setting and furling drills. At 1500 in perfect conditions, tacking stations were called and the Youth Crew successfully proved that they had ���hoisted in�� the past 24 hours of instruction by successfully completing their first set of tacks as a crew. On completion of this drill all sail was handed in and everyone enjoyed a refreshing swim prior to the commencement of the final part of our pilotage out of Port Phillip Bay. At 1800 this evening Young Endeavour passed safely through the ���Rip�� (entry to Port Phillip Bay) and entered the relatively calm waters of Bass Strait. The time is now 2130 and the Youth Crew have now settled into their watches for the night. Currently the forecast is for favourable conditions overnight so if all goes to plan we should have a good passage across Bass Strait. Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


38° 40' South / 144° 58' East


Time 2130 - Currently we are located 24nm to the SE of Port Phillip Bay and experiencing light NE winds with a 1m SW swell.