Captain's Log
V 06/17
22 March 2017

Day 2 Command Day

Ahoy there!Today we woke up to a beautiful morning in Twofold Bay thanks to the trusty work of our youthie navigators Kate and Rory. The youthie crew put in a hard night of work to reach our final destination and we are all very proud of our efforts. However it was a 7 am wake up because we had tasks to do. Our morning started with a morning brief run by the trusty youthie crew, it was funny, entertaining and educational. Then our favourite time of day was upon us, happy hour, we had the ship shining from top to bottom. After happy hour we had three of our youthie crew present us with a special interest and talents, from AFL skills to how to fight a fire. Our crew have a wide range of knowledge and this is part of the reason we all work so well together. Our last challenge of the 24hours was to row a boat to the beach in the bay and take a pic of us with our youthie crew mascot (our fellow youthie crew member Dan dressed as a beautiful siren). Our sea mates over at HMAS Darwin noticed us anchored and offered us a grand tour of their ship. The crew showed ten of our youthies some of the day to day operations on board their vessels, such as the bridge, the armoury and the mess (sleeping quarters) where apparently its normal for 60 guys to sleep in the same room? While a few of the youthies were at HMAS Darwin, others were still stuck ashore at Eden unknowing when their saviour James was gonna pick them up. After waiting for a long strenuous amount of time (most likely five minutes) the idea to make a hut for shelter came about as rescue was still not in sight. The task was completed by none other then Dan and Cody, unfortunately Larry the lobster is still patiently protecting the hut from the Eden locals. You will be missed Larry but never forgotten.Our afternoon concluded with a handing over of the ship back to Captain Mike and the crew. —————————-Thank you Captain Flick and friends for your informative narrative of your day in command of Young Endeavour.After taking the Ship back the Staffies conducted a thorough command day debrief, designed to maximise the Youthies retention of the lessons learnt from the experience.The intention is to remain in our current anchorage overnight.Yours Aye, Captain Mike


37 05.7' S / 149 53.1' E


Wind SW at 8 Kn, Weather cloudy with passing showers, Swell nil, Temp 21 deg. c