Captain's Log
V03/21 Sydney to Sydney
4 May 2021

Day 2 – Climbs, Sails…to Sea!

Ahoy shipmates…welcome to day 2. We have kept the youth crew pretty busy…a steep learning curve for all. Sydney Harbour was a picture all day, with fine weather and plenty to see…not much in the way of wind though! Ella and Cam have covered the finer details (with some comments from yours truly). Unfortunately we are still suffering from a lack of wind…makes life challenging on a tall ship…what can you do! The upside of no wind is calm seas (despite what the girls have written below). Since leaving Sydney in the late afternoon, we have been making our way to the east, assisted by our iron headsails (engines), and will most likely head towards Port Hacking tomorrow…weather dependent. Ovenight the youth crew will keep their first watches and be introduced to the responsibilities of ‘watch on deck’ (helm, lookout, rounds etc). That’s about it for now, until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.Ahoy outside world! Today was day 2 of our AMAZING journey.This morning we awoke at 0630 to some beautiful country music, took a walk around the upper decks and participated in an icebreaker activity with a Bob Marley Banana (Rasta-B). We had a delicious bacon and egg breakfast before morning brief, where we sang the national anthem with all our hearts, Captain Kenny imparted words of wisdom written by Mark Twain and we were then introduced to Salty, the nautical terminology expert who paid us a visit. The wonderful, amazing, brilliant (and modest) Ella won at trivia. We then proceeded to revise ropes and put our mental determination to the test by climbing to the top of the Forward Mast. After lunch, we competed in a competitive, non-competitive competition (rope races – testing their knowledge of the safety equipment). Red watch is currently in the lead, closely followed by white watch, blue watch is giving them a head start. Next we revised ropes some more, then anchors were pulled up and we set sail for the great yonder. As we set sail many of our faces got paler and paler as waves got bigger and bigger (what waves…it’s a millpond out here), nothing a good old Sayo can’t fix. As we set and furled sails, the sun set and youthies began their first watches. Ella – hey family, I’m doing great. Haven’t vomited yet…. but its only 18:30 on day 2. Love you all. Cam – hello fam bam, hope you all are well, I’m not haha, just kidding, getting used to the inside of a vomit bag, also hi Liam haha love you all xoxo


33 55s / 151 32e


Wind: E at 6 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Mild Course: 100 Speed: 3 knots Location: 12nm east of Sydney