Captain's Log
V02/17 Stanley (TAS) to Geelong (VIC)
16 January 2017

Day 2 – Climbing our Everest of the Seas

Good evening All,

A quiet anchorage overnight with some much needed rest. This morning we were all awoken by our Sail Master Kyle to the wonderful sounds of some modern song that is well below my age bracket. Suffice to say I am not sure if it worked that well as it took a loooooong time for the Youth Crew to get up on deck – sleepy heads! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast thanks to our chef el-supremo Marcus and then did our morning brief which was full of laughs. What better frame of mind than to get into our favourite time of the day, Happy Hour. Well a Young Endeavour Happy Hour of cleaning – yeah.

We then went through a safety briefing with our harness gear and prepared to take on our Everest of the Seas, the fore mast which is about 30 meters high at the topgallant yard. Naturally many were nervous and it always takes great mental strength to climb. But I am very pleased to say that everyone made it to the top … and back down again 🙂

With a successful climb under our belts the Ship weighed anchor mid-afternoon and shaped course to the east along the picturesque northern Tasmanian coastline. We passed many towns such as Penguin and Ulverston as the Youth Crew set sail. We have a square sail (the Topsail) set and are making good progress towards Banks Strait which lies between the island of Tasmania and Flinders Island. Our passage is not uncomfortable although there are a few young salts yet to get their sea legs.

Our plan with the weather seems to be holding and we should enjoy a comfortable and speedy overnight motor sail. We have started keeping watches (shifts) where we maintain a good visual lookout, check and change the sails when needed, helm (steer) the Ship and do rounds (checks) of the engines and equipment. We will do the watches (each watch team does a four hour shift) through the night so I expect there may be some tired sea people in the morning. Anticipate we will be well to the east of Launceston at midnight and entering Banks Strait in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Until then, take care … Dave J (Voyage Captain)


40 Deg 52.0 Min South / 146 Deg 31.4 Min East


Weather has been overcast most of the day but has been clearing towards evening. Wind has been persistent from the West at around 10 knots during the early morning and then increasing to 20 knots throughout the day, although as I type it feels as though it is easing as the sun sets. Swell has been around 1 meter from the west with a slight sea on top of that. In the open Bass Strait the sea temperature is a cool 12 degrees while the air temperature has been in the high teens most of the day.