Captain's Log
V01/19 Sydney to Melbourne
1 May 2019

Day 2 – At Anchor Jervis Bay

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day two of our voyage. Overnight the wind backed and moderated which meant that we had to utilise our main engines during the early hours of this morning so that we could make our planned anchorage in Jervis Bay prior to forecasted southerly change.
This we achieved when we entered Jervis Bay at 0900 this morning coming safely to anchor just to the northeast of Jervis Bays Bristol Point which is a popular anchorage for vessels sheltering from strong southerlies. Once at anchor we conducted our first morning brief then went straight into ‘Happy Hour’ (Cleaning Stations). With this task complete the Sail Master mustered everyone up on deck and gave his climbing brief prior to all of the Youth Crew undertaking their first climb of Young Endeavours foremast.
Once down from the foremast the Youth Crew were given a short break before being ferried everyone ashore with their Watch Leaders to complete their Full Value Contracts. Once finished they were given the opportunity to enjoy a walk along the beach or have a refreshing swim in the crystal clear water of Jervis Bay.
By 1730 everyone was back onboard and following another one of Chef Zac’s amazing dinners we conducted an entertaining and informative round of Three Way Chats (Getting to know each other and public speaking activity) which had to be held in the ships cafe due to the torrential rain associated with the frontal system that we are currently experiencing. To complete the nights activities the Navigator gave a brief on keeping the ship safe whilst at anchor then we settled into anchor watches overnight.
Having looked closely at the weather forecast for tomorrow the weather should improve so our current plan is to sail late tomorrow morning, conduct some sailing activities within the confines of the Bay before continuing our passage south along the NSW South Coast.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


35 07.9 S / 150 44.1 E


Currently at anchor in Jervis Bay and experiencing strong SSE winds with passing showers and nil swell.