Captain's Log
20 August 2022

Day 2 – An action packed day

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. It’s been an action packed day with plenty of activities and the weather gods have smiled upon us with some fantastic weather but regrettably not much wind but that should improve tomorrow with some freshening southeasterly winds forecast for the Sunshine Coast. That’s enough from me I will now handover to Lewey and Izzy from White Watch who have done a wonderful job of writing tonight’s Log.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Captain Gav


When we asked how long this voyage would take us, they said just a minute, and now we’ve been here for two days! With a bright, early 0630 wake up, we started the day with a hearty breakfast made by our fantastic chef Jarod and a patriotic national anthem.

From there it was only up. We climbed the rigging all the way to the topgallant yard arm and took in the view of beautiful Moreton Bay. A quick lunch break brought us back to midships where we weighed anchor and set our current course northbound while learning all about setting and furling sails, practising over and over until we mastered the process.

Bringing the day to a close, we were informed of our Watches and were dismissed for dinner. Red Watch led the charge with the Last Dog Watch (1800-2000) with White Watch (us) following suite with the First Watch until 0000.

Seasickness has mostly been kept to a minimum, with only a few unlucky souls feeling the sway. Spirits are high nonetheless and we are all keen to see what tomorrow brings.

Until then,

Your loyal Whities, Lewey and Izzy

P.S. White Watch loves and misses you all <3



26 29.6 S / 153 16.0 E


Currently located 15nm to the NE of Caloundra motor sailing under staysails and experiencing light 5-8kt ENE winds with a 1m ESE swell. The current temperature is a pleasant 15 degrees.