Captain's Log
3 June 2015

Day 19 – Command Day

Hi Everyone,                  Welcome to day 19 of our voyage. Well its Command Day and the Staff Crew have handed the Ship over to Crew, I have even been told by Captain Goody that I am excused from putting my entry in the Captains Log. I am good at taking orders so please find tonight\’s Captains Log written by Captain Goody and his loyal Crew. Enjoy!   Gav  Captains Log  G’day to all our followers around the world and back home from the STS YE’s new and improved Captain Goody. Command day is well and truly underway and we are slowly working our way through the mountain of tasks (27 in total) that the Staffies kindly provided us with.  I will start by introducing you to the new command crew, my right-hand man and Sailmaster is the hardest working man I know – Jezza. My Chief Navigator and fellow reddie is Sian who I believe was already on top of it all before we even started!! My faithful Watch Officers are Maxi, Vinny and Amanda. Now the Watch Leaders, who are the ones who actually do all the work – Nicole, Tilda and Julie. During this period we have to provide our own meals but luckily we have in my opinion the best kitchen team on the Atlantic consisting of Robbie, Teddy and Bridge who have already gone above and beyond in the kitchen. Last but by no means least are our faithful engineers who have already been busy with oil changes; Fliss, Helena and Vic. We are all supported by amazing Watch Members who bring a huge amount of knowledge and skill to every task.  I’ll hand over now to Eden to give you a breakdown of today’s activities.Until next time,Captain Goody.Avast ye land lubbers, gather around as I sing you the tale of command day at sea, and the new watches three…It started at 1300, when old captain Gav did call;“Come gather round sailors, come one and come all.”“We staff need a day off, we’ve worked hard its true,So were dumping control of the ship off on you”“We may be onboard, yes here we will stay,But you’ll be in charge, on this command day!”The youthies were shocked, they knew not what to do,But they gathered their wits and picked leaders, those few.To be captain, they chose Goody, yes they chose him to lead(Perhaps not a great choice, but great was their need)To be sail master, they chose Jezza its true(Because choices 1, 2 and 3 were off on the loo)To be navigator, they voted Sian in first(As of all the options, she at least wasn’t the worst)To be watch officers, they singled out three,These being Max, Amanda and VinnyTo lead them in watch, it was easy to see,They selected out Nicole, Tilda and Julie.To keep the screws turning, yes to keep them going along,They chose Fliss, Vic and Helena (or at least they do in this song).And lastly, to work in galley, they chose Rob, Bridge and TeddAs they knew these fine fellows would keep them well fed.“Enough!” called out Gav “If there is one thing I hate!“It’s those that dilly-dally, so don’t procrastinate!I’ll leave you with this; it’s our day, off not yoursSo on our way out, we’ll leave you these chores!”And off they did skip, and danced in their glee,leaving us youthies with our mission at sea.First on the list of our challenges to completeWas to tack the ship twice, and to finish it up neat.So we ran to our stations, and we pulled and we strainedA completed first challenge was the pleasure we gained.Next up on the list was a challenge quite funAll youths up the mast! Yes every last one!So we scrambled and clambered to the top of the mast,And although it was windy, we sure had a blast.And so ended our day, so I’ll leave you my hearties(But at midnight tonight, we’re throwing some parties).Avast, from your salty sea dog,Garbage guts the pirate poet (aka, Eden)    “ 


11° 3' North / 26° 4' West


Currently located 350nm to the south of the Cape Verde Islands and experiencing moderate-strong NNE winds with a 2m NE swell. Current temperature is 17 degrees.