Captain's Log
1 August 2015

Day 19 – Cold Nights

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 19 of our voyage. Overnight the wind was consistent from the ESE which really did not provide us with any assistance because that was exactly were we wanted to go. If that wasn’t bad enough it was bitterly cold, even with thermals and extremely good wet weather gear. That said the Crews spirits are still high which is reflected in tonight’s Captains Log which has been well written by Red Watches Robyn.  Until tomorrow, take care   Yours Aye Captain Gav  Well another day in the Southern Ocean.  We are still heading east towards South America and Cape Horn but the weather gods are not being kind to us we have lost the wind again and are back using both our Port & STBD Main Sails (Engines).  Blue watch had a change of watch leader over night our Engineer Lindsey did the Gutz/Middle Watch again to give the wonderful Jodie a nights rest. We have just realised that Lindsey only ever does it when we have a time advancement so his watch is really only 3 hours but he is insisting it’s four as he goes on at 2345 and finishes at 0345.Speaking of Lindsey the proud Father would like to congratulate his Beautiful Daughter Kelsey who has obtained a position with the Australian Opera to perform in a show this season.  At 0400hrs the Blue watch handed the ship over to the Red watch. They also kindly handed over drizzle that became rain and temperatures dropping to 9 degrees, made colder by the wind chill and the wind coming straight off the bow. The watch rotated through taking turns on the helm, completing rounds and thawing out below deck. Some of the crew are getting proficient in calculating sunrise and sunset, this is a great skill, now all we need is the sun.  Day break saw White watch take over much to the relief of Red watch. They battled out the cold and Paige and Kenny declared the morning cancelled – yes the whole morning. Much of the crew took some time to rest up and keep warm.  The afternoon was certainly not cancelled. A snappy happy hour and the ship is shining again. As we write this log many are learning how to play 500 as we are going to have a (very competitive) tournament over the coming days.  The time is now 1630 and excitingly today we have passed the half way point from Sydney to Argentina. As we prepare for dinner and our night watches there is only one thing on most peoples mind – Double A’s epic caramel slice that is coming out for dessert!  Yours Aye, Robyn (Red Watch)” 


50° 41' South / 148° 22' West


Time is now 1930 and we are currently located 1700nm SE of Wellington motor sailing and experiencing light and variable winds with a 2m confused swell. Current temperature is 10 degrees (considerably colder wind chill factor).