Captain's Log
20 April 2015

Day 17 – Command Day Part 2

Hi everyone,Welcome to Day 17 of our voyage where we completed the final section of our Command Day. The world voyage crew have had a busy 24 hour period meeting the requirements laid out for us by the ‘Staffies’. All world voyage crew stepped up to their command roles, worked together seamlessly and were very proud to complete all 23 tasks at the end of our Command period.This result could not have been achieved without the full participation and engagement of every single crew member. Special thanks goes out to our Navigator Brendan for keeping us on course; our energetic Sail Master Logan who ran the daily program; Watch Officers Tom, Jess and Jarrod; Watch Leaders Corey, Dani and Kel; Engineers Dim, Hanna and Andrew and our wonderful Master Chefs Dallas, Alan and Jack who keep us fed and full of energy to power through our Command Day program.It has been a great 24 hours and I am so grateful to have had the pleasure of leading this excellent team. Please enjoy Isabella’s account of our Command Day excitement and our latest adventures in the log below.Yours aye,Captain CaitlinWorld Voyage 03 CrewCommand day: 24 youth crew in charge of a $20 million tall ship for 24 hours!!!Yesterday we voted in our wonderful crew and today they lead us through various team-building and creative tasks – all of which had to be completed by 1300 today. Our elected crew lead the morning brief with salty sea stories from Corey on the origins of the phase ‘laying aloft’ with the help of Aussie Tom and an inflatable Kangaroo. Our singing skills were also tested as we sang the words of the Australian national anthem to the tune of ‘Eye of the Tiger, ‘Titanium’, ‘Happy Little Vegemites’ and then the New Zealand Anthem to the tune of the Australian Anthem. A special Happy Birthday sing along to our birthday girl Kel also followed. After happy hour we launched into drawing a huge mural at midships, depicting our experience on the Young Endeavour (all in chalk which was tricky considering sea spray). Our chefs served an amazing Mexican themed lunch, fuelling us for the full world voyage crew to lay aloft (climb) the foremast.After handing back the telescope of challenge we had free time to recharge for watches tonight. For a while it seemed as if we were sailing straight for the Greek mainland until we found the Corinth Canal. Only 27m wide, with cliffs 40m high it was a tense 20 minutes as the Young Endeavour is 7.8m wide and 34m tall. With a successful passage, we sailed into the Aegean Sea. Only an hour later, we were then sailing past Athens. Everyone rushed up on deck to fight over the binoculars to see the Pantheon. Who would know we would first see Athens from the sea?!As a perfect ending, a vivid sunset farewelled our command day.PS From Kel: Thanks Mum and Dad for the Birthday present. I’ll celebrate with you when I’m home. Xoxoxoxo PPS From Kimb: Hi Dad and Aunty Niece, miss you both, see you soon, Lots of love!! Also a special hello to Mick, miss you.. you are a cute head xoxoxox Greece is awesome!PPPS From Corey: Hey guys, shout out to Lauren my watch leader, the bois and my family. Hope you guys are all rockin and rollin because I certainly am 😀 😀 :DPPPPS From Patrick: All my love to Kate, Kate, Alisha and Brigid. Having a ball. See you in a couple of weeks.PPPPPS From Cara: Hi family, still alive, just fyi. Also, hola Madi, miss you!”


37° 36' North / 24° 2' East


Currently located 30nm East of Athens still motor sailing and enjoying light Easterly winds with nil swell. Current boat speed is 7kts and temperature is 14 degrees.