Captain's Log
1 April 2015

Day 15 – Stronger Winds

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 15 of our voyage. As advised yesterday today we ran a Sunday Sea Routine which has enabled everyone to catch up on some well deserved rest.  As forecast the wind strengthened this morning from the northwest which enabled us to switch off main engines and enjoy some good sailing. I am sure that Paige is breathing a sigh of relief because she gave the recommendation to come south of our planned track so that we could get these stronger conditions. Well done Paige!!!  Even though it has been a quiet day the Crew still find things to do and one of those things for Blue Watch was to bake cookies. This afternoon they baked an extremely large amount of really good ‘giant size’ chocolate chip cookies which I am sure we will be eating for the next three days (their goes the waist line). Great Cookies Blue Watch!!!  The time is now 2000 and we are now located 1030nm from Wellington sailing on a very broad port reach under jib, all three squares, main staysail and topgallant staysail. The wind strength has now increased to 25-30kts and with a following sea and the assistance of the Southern Ocean Current we are achieving a boat speed of 11kts.    Yours AyeCaptain Gav  “ 


47° 19' South / 163° 20' West


Currently located 1030nm from Wellington and enjoying strong 25-30kt NW winds with a 3m NW swell. Current temperature is 13 degrees.