Captain's Log
3 February 2015

Day 15 – Have Crossed the Line

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 15 of our voyage. Well at 0232 this morning with the majority of Young Endeavours Crew on the bridge we crossed the Equator and entered the Northern Hemisphere for the first time since 1992. We even did our own distance countdown a little like counting in the New Years which made it all that more exciting.  Today we have continued to make good speed north but are still having to rely on our main engines due to the ongoing light and variable conditions. It is hoped that the wind will strengthen later in the week so that when we hand the Ship over to the Crew for Command Day they will be able to challenge themselves with some good sailing.Tonight’s writing of the Captains Log has gone back to Red Watch so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Vic and Ronald.  Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav  World Voyage 02 March 2015  Another Day, Another Sunrise, Another Sunset and lots of adventure fun and laughs in between.  Today started for most of us at approx 0215 awaken by white watch so as to be on deck and watching the radar screen when we crossed King Neptune’s Equatorial line the Equator. We all wanted to see those magic numbers trip over to 00. 00. 000. A countdown was done by all on the bridge. I’m not sure what we were expecting… a speed bump I don’t know. Nothing happened but it was exciting watching the numbers tick over. It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it other than to say “you had to be there”. Eva, Bridge, Jezza and Ronald said they wanted to be the first across the equator so they sat out on the bow sprit meditatively gazing into the northern hemisphere, the ocean lightly lit by the crescent moon. Tilda had the distinction of helming the ship across the Equator, all ran smoothly or so it seemed till she may or may not have spun a cheeky donut to see the numbers tick over just another time!  Prior to morning brief this morning most of the Reddies went aloft to the “T” gallant for an hour. This was a significant moment for the watch as it was the first time as a watch we were allowed to climb on our own as a watch without our two fantastic Watch Leaders Jodie & Lindsey who supervised and watched us from below. Special thanks to Sian for taking the helm to allow the rest of us to climb together. We’ll look after you and pay you back later Sian.  Into morning brief we were educated by Salty the saltiest sea dog about the origin of the name ‘Nelson’s balls’. A well eloquently described story left Crewies in laughter and comprehension of yet maybe not too factual story of Naval/Sea/Ship History. Sometimes our Salties Stories are worse than Dad Jokes.  Back into watches for the morning Reddies were rostered 0800-1200 thus excluding us from the “happy hour” duties. This time did not go to waste shall I tell you, Robert and I sought the skills from fearless watch leader Jodie and resulted in some funky fresh hair cuts leaving other voyages jealous of our slightly less shabby looks! This tied us into another delightful lunch prepared by dear A-aron, Bridge and Tilda and a well needed afternoon siesta. Crewies were found resting wherever a shady spot could be found, under the few sails set or in the galley out of the suns harsh midday rays. Robert was found meticulously studying to prepare a metrology brief in the coming days, what a trooper, no holidaying here.  Another exciting part of today was a very special member of Red Watch (well let’s just admit it ALL RED WATCH ARE SPECIAL) but the wonderful Helena celebrated her birthday today! What an amazing place to do it and not to just celebrate it here on the Atlantic on the opposite side of the World to our home Australia, but to also do it crossing the equator.  An afternoon swim in the pool as suggested by Captain Gav as a birthday treat was a hoot (he knows us too well); followed by deck games involving little personal space and m&m’s. All too soon that time comes around again and its dinner! Fantastic fresh pepper tuna as caught by double A-ron yesterday was served with the Roe delicacy and an assortment of greenery. All staffies and crew were gathered in the galley for birthday chocolate cake and cheer, happy birthday Helena!  Dion had pre-ordered a dramatic sunset for this evening due to descend at 1846, bright orange corpuscular rays spray the sea with colour, as I sit to write this, yet another day almost over for the young endeavour voyagers. But wait! FISH ON! Yet again as dusk approaches Aarons rod is spinning out long! The line ran out about one hundred metres until Aaron got a hold of it and passed it over to the birthday girl! It was a BIG FISH- Helena battled it for about 5 minutes before the fish broke the line and swam free. As the rest of the line was being reeled in, the lure appeared to be hanging on by a thread but was left in the water at the last pull. Gav stopped engines and all began to rush in a last ditch attempt to save the lure. After about 15 minutes of mayhem and many feet running back and forth with a bucket and rope in attempt to save our lost lure, we LOST THE BUCKET! But we never gave up and retrieved both right before the sun was gone for the day. It was just as exciting as catching ‘the would be fish’.  In summation what another fabulously special day on the Atlantic seas!Out. Victoria & Ron  P.S. Happy Birthday to my Mum Jennifer! Sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate. We should arrive in Mindelo in about a week so I’ll give you a ring when I can. Cass xxx  pps. Hiya westburys! Everyday I think you lot should just be here! Looking forward to sharing some stories when I return. Dad, got that new boat yet?;)  Mum, sorry about my hair cut! Jess hope ur smashing out that mind map of life!


1° 57' North / 26° 23' West


Currently located 115nm north of the Equator and still experiencing light 4-8kt NE winds with a 1m NE swell. Current temperature is 24 degrees.