Captain's Log
5 July 2015

Day 14 – The Corinth Canal

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 14 of our voyage. Since departing Volos we have continued to experience light winds so it has meant that we have had to utilise main engines. The positive to this is that we have made good speed which enabled us to transit through the spectacular Corinth Canal in daylight rather than darkness as previously expected. Besides passing through the canal we have been busy with our training program and have managed to fit in a Navigation brief, Rule of the Road presentation and the first of my Sail Theory lectures. On top of all this we have still had time to sit around on deck watch dolphins surf in our bow wave and enjoy sailing (motoring) through the picturesque Greek Islands.Tonight it is back to Red Watch writing the Log so please enjoy tonight’s entry written by Ann and Mon. Enjoy!  Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav  Captains Log: 07MAY15  Ahoy there land lubbers  Last night Red Watch (GotheREDs) and a few celebrity climbers were treated to a spectacular sunset from the platforms on the foremast as we headed towards Athens. The moon rising a few hours later was equally as impressive. Red Watch continued the fine tradition of keeping watch from the bowsprit to enjoy the sights. Blue Watch reported that this morning’s sunrise was also superb.  After this beautiful start to the day we continued our adventure through the Aegean Sea, beautiful blue skies and no wind. No wind means no sailing  None the less, we had a FABULOUS day! We navigated our way around many ships in the busy shipping channel on our way past Athens. A few eagled eyed Crewies tried to spot the Pantheon from the Young Endeavour we’ll let them tell you if they saw it. Everyone is madly learning different knots, practicing setting and furling sails in preparation for when the winds turn in our favour and we can sail through the Mediterranean.  Salty the Sea Dog imparted more nautical knowledge on the Crewies. We learnt why the heads (toilets) are called the heads. A beautiful theatrical production was performed by cheeky Jack (Dougie) and our beautiful female figure head. It was an enlightening experience for all onboard and also for the Greek ferry passing our portside.  Miquela then taught us what happens when you cross an alligator with a GPS… you get a Navigator! LOL! Our navigation knowledge improved from this NAVSTRAVAGANZA session. We’re now theoretically competent on how to take fixes with the use of GPS, radar or sight. The watermelon globe reappeared to explain latitude and longitude, it was very tasty and interesting.  Our goal of the day was to arrive at the Corinth canal in daylight hours, and we did!! While Lindsay paid the toll, all the Crewies with GoPros scrambled all over the ship and masts to set them up for the passage though the canal.  Going through the canal we saw incredibly blue waters, steep cliff faces with many hidden caves which made it an extraordinary experience. Words can’t really describe what we saw but hopefully the photos do it more justice. We had the current of the canal with us and because we have the best Staffies we made our way through with no problems. Jen was on one of the traffic bridges above working hard getting some aerial photographic shots. HI JEN!!!  Goodbye Aegean Sea, Hello Ionion Sea!  Matt turned midships into an active classroom to teach us about Rules of the Road (Sea). Thankfully we know portside (red) and starboard (green) as this makes it easier to understand these rules. With the use of fenders, we successfully navigated our way around the midships sea with the Red Watch leading the way home in record time. WOOOOOO!  Our resident dolphin linguist (Ann) communicated with her fellow mammals of the sea and persuaded them to come and ride the bowsprit. We were treated to a pod of dolphins frolicking for what seemed a long time. What a way to finish an already incredible day!  Shoutout to the chefos who continue to cook us some amazing food! Thanks dudes!From the Ever Ready Reddies,Ann and Mon  Hey Wigs! Missin you heaps! I Love you! Love CoolcatHi Mum, Dad, Tom and Lou!! Hope you guys are staying groovy! I still pinch myself regularly not believing that I’m actually here! Miss you guys but having an incredible time! Love Mon  Hola family, having a whale of a time! Hope all is well in the Roy. Hello Southern Downs, QLD, hope you guys and gals aren’t working too hard. Lots of love Ann  Hello again to Max and all the loved ones. Only moments ago I descended from the main mast after climbing it for the first time, and spending half an hour up there watching our passage through the Greek Islands. Earlier today I almost missed dinner due to dolphin distractions…what a life! I really feel that I am settling in to this amazing experience and am so excited to see what every day will bring! All my love, Atlanta  Hey Mum and Lauren, leaving Greece for Malta. We went through the Corinth canal (google it) and it was great. Miss and love you – Zach  Hey hey, Tom here, big hello to friends and family back home, having an absolute ball in the Greek Islands, sunsets, sunrises, moonsets and moonrises are unreal – last night was spectacular. To Mum and Will, hope you’re enjoying (sunny) Queensland and school, missing you both lots! To Dad, hope things have been running smoothly since we last spoke, word Mum up on viber and I’ll make sure I get to call everyone when I get a signal. Tom x” 


38° 17' North / 22° 10' East


Currently located in the Ionion Sea and experiencing strong WNW winds with a .5m NW swell. Current speed is 5.5kts and temperature is 20 degrees.