Captain's Log
27 February 2015

Day 12 – Officially in the Doldrums

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 12 of our voyage. Thanks to Matt our lovable Navigator Friday’s onboard Young Endeavour are known as ‘Floral Friday’ and all of us try to wear clothing that is floral design and loud! Some of the new Crew have already joined in by wearing whatever bright clothing that they brought with them but I anticipate seeing a lot more once we have visited the Cape Verde Islands. I think today we are really feeling the effects of the Doldrums as the wind has become light and variable and even setting the Fisherman Staysail our light weather sail could not entice the wind gods to provide us with anymore than a light puff of wind. Our only saving grace has been the passing rain squalls which cool everything down and normally give us about 15 minutes of wind before we are back to light and variable again. That as they say is the joy and the frustrations of sailing!  Tonight it was Red Watches turn to write the Captains Log with Helena volunteering her talents to write tonight’s entry. Enjoy!  Special Note: We will be making a call to ABC Radio Macca’s ‘Australia all Over’ on Sunday Morning (Aus Time) so hopefully if you are awake you will listen in.    Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log Friday 27 February 2015Ahoy to all the dedicated and the not so dedicated readers of the Captains Log from somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean!  Floral Friday started off for Red Watch rather moist and an hour earlier than usual due to changing our clocks forward one hour in preparation for arrival at Cape Verde (still over a week away, but we like to be prepared). Whilst the rest of the crew enjoyed their sleep in on another Saturday Sea routine, we kept the ship safe and sailing in relatively the right direction – especially when Goody was on the helm.  After what we were told was rather a loud wakey wakey (apologies) the first activity of the day was lunch, followed by afternoon brief where the lucky crew in the front row learned first hand the origin of the word ‘Heads’, and then happy hour!  Once the ship was spotless it was time for Rope Races. The competitive, non competitive races have previously seen Red Watch dominating (thanks to the dedication and support of our amazing watch leaders Jodie and Lindsay (they didn’t tell me to write that at all)) – but recently we have been lulling the other watches into a false sense of security by letting them win the bonus rounds. Today’s bonus round was seeing how far along the ship each watch could throw and catch a raw egg without breaking it. Victory today was well deserved by Blue Watch who were prepared to sacrifice Jezza overboard in the name of catching the egg and winning the bonus round. Obviously, Red Watch purposely tried to throw our egg down a vent in the name of being good sports and sharing the winnings.  After ropies Dion gave an explanation of one of the last sails we are yet to set – the fisherman staysail. A sail used in light and variable winds and very rarely set on the Young Endeavour, so it was awesome to be some of the few to see the Fisherman Staysail in true full glory.  Unfortunately the sail wasn’t set for all that long, as by the time the Reddies were back on watch after dinner, we were approaching a storm and the sail had been already furled. It was then left up to four lucky reddies to climb the foremast and sea furl the sail before we sailed into the storm.  And since I wrote that last sentence – we have managed to avoid all ideas of a storm, are currently lulling about in 4kts of wind and it officially looks like we’re well and truly stuck in the ‘Doldrums’. A slow night ahead…Over and/or out,  Helena.  Ps. Hi Mum, Dad and Sonya! I’m still alive – no rash will be the death of me! And if the guys at work are reading this, I may have lost a shirt to the Ocean, but I still have my sunnies!! Xo Helena.  PPs. Welcome into this world Jack! Your new Uncle Aaron  PPPs. HAPPY FLORAL FRIDAY EVERYONE. Love Matt  PPPPS – Wishing Zach and Laura a super happy Wedding Day back in Melbourne! Sending all my love for what I know would have been an incredible celebration with all your nearest and dearest. We enjoyed some classic wedding songs on deck in your honour this morning. Much Love, Sian xo  Ppppps. Happy 50th Lizzle!!! I hope you still managed to have a wonderful day without me. Give Hayley and Max a massive hug for me, having loads of fun on the voyage. Met some amazing like-minded friends! Can’t wait to give a call at the other side. Lots of love, Luke.  6xP.s. – Hey again Canberra! Shout out to the Hopscotch crew. Father, I am being a good boy and will update you when on land. I will also give Nan a call. I love you Mum and Troy, I hope life is good! I love you Ally, thinking of you


4° 40' South / 30° 18' West


Currently located 295nm from the Equator and experiencing light and variable conditions with a .5m ESE swell. Current temperature is 24 degrees.