Captain's Log
19 January 2014

Day 11 – Goodbyes

Ahoy there Shipmates, Sail Master Sandy woke us at 0630 and we rotated through a quick Breakfast and showers. On completion the crew were tasked to pack their bags and clean their sleeping spaces. We had morning brief after the ceremony of colours and then cracked-on with our preparations to sail as well as the end of voyage jobs. We sailed at 0900 and departed Devonport harbour. On our way out the youth crew began ‘manning the yards’ in the tradition of sail-powered warships of old. When a warship approached a port with peaceful intent it used to fire all its guns to prove the barrels were unloaded and then get all the gun crews to lay aloft and ‘man the yards’ to thereby being incapable of re-loading its weapons. We berthed on the wharf again at 1000 to the welcome of families and friends, who were soon invited onboard. Sandy and I made short speeches and then I presented Voyage Completion certificates to all youth crew and the two supernumeraries. My last task before saying farewell was to present the Order of Australia Medallion to the winner for Voyage 01/14, Annabel de Jong. Farewell families and friends. I hope you have enjoyed sharing the voyage with us. Yours, aye Captain Mike


41° 11' South / 146° 21' East


Weather: overcast, Wind NE at 15 knots, Swell: Nil, Temp: 22 deg C