Captain's Log
2 January 2014

Day 11

Ahoy! Again the Youth Crew was treated to a magnificent morning on the harbour, albeit a little overcast today, it’s still always a treat. We had breakfast, Youthies packed their bags then we sang the National Anthem whilst Colours were hoisted. I love that song! Morning brief was a little melancholy as for the final time, Nav gave us some voyage stats, Salty spoke of the origins of ‘manning the yards’ and I gave my second last golden nugget. Then they were off on their very last Happy Hour, there were tears streaming down cheeks as they cleaned ship for the last time. I’m sure they will continue this ritual at home for an hour every day! Right guys?? Anyway, the ship sparkled as the youthies donned their trusty, harnesses once more and began to scramble up the ratlines. Staff weighed anchor and we shaped a course around Fort Denison and then for our Fleet Base home. It’s always a fantastic sight to see the Youth of Australia manning the yards of Australia’s National Sail Training Ship, sailing into port for the final time, demonstrating their courageous achievements and skills aloft, not to mention confidence levels in the clouds. So then it was, the voyage was over. I addressed the assembled throng and sung the praises of our shipmates, landlubbers no more – but Tallship men and women. And not made up, I was proud to serve with these young Australians. Please return to bid us good day whenever you see our silhouette on the horizon. For you may have left Young Endeavour, but Young Endeavour will never leave you. Fair winds and following seas, Youth Crew of V02/14. Mums and Dads, families and friends, great to meet you today and thanks for providing us with some great crew. I hope you have enjoyed sharing the voyage with us. Captain Adam out+ “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” – Maya Angelou


33° 52' South / 151° 13' East


Wind: Who cares?