Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
8 June 2021

Day 10 – The penultimatum

Well, it’s almost a wrap dearest followers. At anchor as I write this, the penultimate log of our fantastic voyage from Cairns and I must say, it has been a wonderful adventure. Ships staff have completed all post voyage administration, including voyage debrief and a safety team meeting, because we are ultra professionals. And now the youth crew are all but in bed… I’m about to shift into pj’s myself and get some much needed beauty sleep (it’s gotta work eventually right?), but let me just recap our day for you…

So, we woke at 0630 anchored in Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island and openned up our chakras with a bit of “Yoga by TJ”. Speaking of downward dogs, our young and now very salty seadogs then went upwards, to Whisunday Peak, on a wee shore exploration. On their return it was lunch before happy hour before final rope races before laying aloft to harbour-furl the squares. We need to look fabulous for our final farewell tomorrow and fabulous we do look indeed (mental note – wash all the spew off the side of the ship before entering the marina). And they did a great job with it too. Our Youthies then had a final chat with their watch leaders to debrief the voyage, and provide us with some feedback.

Once that was complete, Chef Adam knocked up some bellisimo pizzas and we had a bon appetito alfresho din din up on the decko and in the cafeterio. Grazie milo chefo (Yep – fluent. Cut and paste into the googler for translation). To round out the evening we had a ships concert, with all watches and the staff, performing acts for all our entertainment. Please don’t take yourself too seriously at home, kids 😉 Then a final recapping of the voyage in the form of a photographic slide show, and in poem (pasted below) celebrating the voyage, written by Joe and Niamh – 5 stars. Well, that’s that.

This is the final night onboard for V09/21. 10 Days ago 17 youth crew from Qld places various, came together to sail this vessel, have fun and challenge themselves. They have not only done that, but have faced and overcome fears and learnt a lot about themselves and each other. Tomorrow they will leave with new skills, improved persistence, resilience and adaptability, as well as generally knowing they are more capable than what they probably thought. And of course, having made great new friends – most probably, friends for life. It never gets old for us staff members, as we truly love our work – sniffle … got some dust in my eyes, dear readers… BTW we plan on entering Coral Sea Marina at 0850 to berth 0900 on the high tide. Come on down and say ahoy. Captain Adam Charlie Farley xoxo ………

Poem: In the pitch black heaving sea there was a crew in groups of three, for wind we wished to sail adrift and poseidon answered thee. The crew was green, waves never seen. It broke their wills that once were keen, but they found their strength in a hidden seam. They heaved to-and-fro to the sails they go and called ‘land aho’ from the rolling sea.


20 15.4 S / 148 56.4 E


Wind: Light and variable. Swell: Nil. Weather: Fine. Temp: 20.