Captain's Log
17 May 2014

Day 10 – Nara Inlet to Airlie Beach

Ahoy there Shipmates,This morning Kenny woke the Youth Crew at 0630 and roused them up and onto the deck for an entertaining early morning activity. With the blood flowing and everyone ready and raring for another full day of fun the Youth Crew then went below for some breakfast and to have a quick shower.Morning brief was conducted straight after colours and Salty explained the origin of the sailor’s expression ‘2 – 6 heave’ used to get a group of people to pull on a line together as one. It was then time for Happy Hour.When the Ship was sparkling clean we all mustered on deck and conducted the Command Day de-brief. As Young Endeavour is all about the take-aways, what you learn about your self and working with others, we make sure we capture as much of the lessons learnt as possible. This was followed by the last round of ‘Ropies’. The final results were first Red Watch, second White Watch and third Blue Watch. This decided which yard the watches would man tomorrow for entering harbour.After another of Haydo’s delicious lunches the Ship weighed anchor and departed Nara Inlet under engines. Once in open water we set a full press of sail, including all 3 squares, shut down the engines but then also shut down all machinery and conducted ‘silent running’ for 30 minutes. That was most enjoyable as the only sounds were the slapping of the waves on the hull and the whistle of the 25 knot winds passing through the rigging.Once we had anchored north-east of Airlie Beach we opened the ‘big pool’ for 30 minutes. End of voyage chats conducted by watches followed, after which the youthies proceeded aloft to put a final harbour furl in the square sails in preparation for coming alongside tomorrow.Tonight’s activities included an amazing Pizza dinner followed by a slide show of the trip and some post voyage admin which carried on late into the night for the staffies.Yours, ayeCAPT Mike “ 


20° 14' South / 148° 43' East


Weather at anchor off Airlie Beach: passing showers (every 20 minutes), Wind: 155/15 kn, Sea: 3, Temp: 20 deg. C