Captain's Log
22 December 2013

Day 10 – Final Night Of Voyage 21-13

Hi Everyone, Following another early morning wake up call and an Early Morning Activity (EMA) the anchor was weighed at 0715 and we commenced our long pilotage up the Adelaide River to the Inner Harbour during which we passed through the Bascule Bridge, which on this occasion had been specially opened for Young Endeavour so that we could berth in the Inner Harbours, Mclaren Wharf.Once alongside 10 days of garbage was off loaded and final preparations made for our guests. At 0930 we welcomed 35 Half Day Sail guests onboard, including 20 members of the Cora Barclay Centre for Hearing Impaired, the Lord Mayor of Port Adelaide, Gary Johanson, two ‘Cape Horner’s’ Mr Alf Jervis and Mr Keith McAuley and a number of Staff Crew Guests.At 0950 the lines were cast off and we departed our berth. Once through the Bascule Bridge we were joined by the South Australian Sail Training Vessel ‘One and All’ who had arranged to sail in company with us down the Adelaide River. During the three hours that followed the Youth Crew did a great job of keeping our guests entertained and everyone enjoyed a fantastic sail in near perfect conditions.By 1330 we were again back alongside our berth at the Mclaren Wharf and once we had farewelled our guests the Youth Crew proceeded ashore with their Watch Leaders for their end of voyage talks. By 1630 everyone was back onboard and following a quick brief the Youth Crew proceeded aloft and completed at good set of harbour furls (very neat sail furls). Normally on completion of these furls I would depart the berth and proceed out to anchor but due to the opening times of the Bascule Bridge and the length of the pilotage required to secure a safe anchorage I decided to remain alongside overnight for the final night of the voyage.This evening we enjoyed a dinner of Chef Hayden’s world famous pizza’s which were served on deck. Once we had cleaned up from dinner the Youth Crew adjourned to the café and completed end of voyage questionnaires and “letters to themselves”, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion. Whilst the Youth Crew were completing these final administration tasks the Staff Crew took the opportunity to conduct the ‘end of voyage’ debriefs.With these tasks complete, at dusk we commenced a photo slide show up on deck capturing various moments and experiences during the voyage. This slide show has become a popular part of the Young Endeavour Program and gives the Youth Crew an opportunity to reflect on the past 10 days and their amazing experiences throughout the voyage. Tomorrow morning following breakfast and morning brief we will depart our berth and proceed out into the Inner Harbour. Once the Youth Crew have manned the yards we will come back alongside berthing for the final time for this voyage at Port Adelaide’s Mclaren Wharf at 1000. Once alongside family and friends will be invited onboard for a tour of the ship and to witness my final address and the presentation of Certificates of Achievement to all of the Youth Crew. Following this presentation we will say our final emotional farewell to the Youth Crew of Voyage 21/13 as they depart the ship. On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the Youth Crew of Voyage 21/13 for the effort that you have put in throughout this voyage. You are a great group of young Australians and all of the Staff Crew of Young Endeavour have thoroughly enjoyed spending the past 11 days sailing with all of you. Prior to the Ship sailing for Melbourne I will hand Command back over to Captain Mike who will Captain the ship for the next voyage. It has been fantastic being back onboard and I look forward to returning again early in the New YearBelow find a poem written by the Youth Crew of Voyage 21/13. Have a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year. Yours Aye Captain GavThe youth crew of Voyage 21/13 We had James the astrophysicist with the big ideas, storytelling his forte, earning him many a cheer. Clarrie, the biggest 16 year old we had ever seen, could eat like a horse until the Gally was clean. Our crewmate Alex left us too soon, while after command day, Levi was in serious need of a snooze. Emily, the smallest of us all, proved the orange safety suite fitted the short as well as the tall. Ilanna kept sneaking nutella on a spoon, while Belle could be found strumming up a tune. Aaron the Red’s monkey, lived to climb, while Emma ties bulk knots in record time. Josh works the rope like a pro on the pole, Damn….that boy sure knows how to body roll. Sail master Huge was a super shipmate, though his fondness for ‘cards’ kept him up pretty late. Elisa, red carded by the fashion cops, stood by her pants and told them to choof off. Emma is the boats resident dancing queen, while Bowen and Griffo are our immature teens. Muzza yelled blue when it should have been white, while Jacob’s bad photography would give a ghost a fright. Captain Goldy goes barefoot at every chance, and Amabel’s skits had us all in a trance. Laura found her place in the galley bellow, while Fi (the 23 plus some year old) braved the 6 party row. Claire nailed the role of a hybrid alien baby, while nurse/mother Netty rubbed in sunscreen and dabbed off gravy. Maddy’s artwork was a sight to behold, and she bonded with other youthies, especially one with hair of gold. Naomi whipped out an alpine butterfly, and Nicole’s energy levels rocketed sky high. Together we made it to port Adelaide, We know we will never forget the friends that we made.


34° 50' South / 138° 30' East


Currently alongside at McLaren Wharf and enjoying perfect conditions.