Captain's Log
V04/20 Adelaide to Melbourne
22 February 2020

Day 10 – Final Night of Voyage

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 10 and sadly the final night of our voyage. As I got to write the Captains Log for the Youth Crew last night they have volunteered to write tonight’s final log for the voyage for me which is nice as you get to hear from them about their experiences. On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the Youth Crew of Voyage 04/20 for the effort that you have put in throughout this voyage, you are a wonderful group of young Australians and all of the Staff Crew of Young Endeavour have enjoyed sharing this sailing adventure with you.

Day 10: Almost Over
After our challenging command day, we finally had a slightly more relaxed morning arriving in Williamstown from Portarlington the previous night. We spent the morning preparing for the community day sail, and as tradition to the Young Endeavour program, we invited members of the community to experience what it’s to sail a tall ship. This was great opportunity for us to both teach others what we have learnt but also to share the joys of sailing the Young Endeavour. As per usual, our amazing chef Keely whipped up delightful lunch to share with the guests on board, and after a brief tour of the ship and having a go at sailing, we bid farewell to guests who had joined us for the morning.
Later on we were given an opportunity to disembark the ship to do little exploring in Williamstown and to complete our end of voyage chat. This provided us a chance to reflect on both ourselves as individuals and the goals that we had set at the start of the voyage. We were also able to share our favourite memories from this voyage and things that we have taken away from this journey.
After returning to the ship, we went straight into our final round of ropies! After a number of nail-biting rounds, blue watch manage to preserve and come through as the final winners. They were blessed with the reward of climbing up to the topgallant yards to both harbor furl the sails and arrive grandly at the Williamstown wharf tomorrow morning. Least to say not everyone in the blue watch was pleased with this reward. Harbor furls proved to be quite the challenge, but the group of youthies manages to pull through and complete their task in the given time frame. We were also rewarded with an outstanding pizza dinner, with at least five different choices of pizzas (Keely you’re amazing, we can’t say it enough).
As the day gradually comes to an end, we finished it off with some letter writing, poem readings, final speeches and a brilliant song written by some of our fellow youthies. We will soon begin our final set of anchor watches for this voyage and hopefully get some well-deserved sleep before out final day tomorrow
Thank you to all the staffies, youthies and support from families and friends throughout this voyage, it’s something none of us will forget
Signing off,
Louisa, Neve and Linh

Young Endeavour will remain alongside in Williamstown until Monday 2nd March to support the Williamstown Seaport Festival then will sail down to Geelong to Support the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival before commencing Voyage 05/20 Geelong to Williamstown on 9th March 20. I will be remaining onboard as the relief Captain for that voyage so that Captain Kenny can take some well-deserved leave.
Until next voyage, take care.
Yours Aye
Captain Gav


37 51.1 S / 144 55.4 E


Currently at anchor in Hobson's Bay and enjoying moderate 10-12kt SE winds with .5m SE swell and the temperature is 15 degrees.