Captain's Log
28 August 2022

Day 10 – Farewell V10/22

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 10 and the final day of our voyage. It was a well-rested Youth Crew that mustered on deck for an Early Morning Activity at 0630 this morning. Our anchorage overnight in Gladstone Harbour had proven to be a good one and even though we had some strong winds and tidal stream we held our anchorage position very well.

Being the last morning Chef Jarod served up a continental breakfast which meant that we all got to help ourselves to toast, cereals, yogurt and fresh fruit.

A shorter than normal Morning Brief followed, then after a good set of cleaning stations the Youth Crew mustered up on deck then ‘manned the yards’ ready for our entry into Gladstone.

At 0840 we weighed anchor then transited the short distance over to the Gladstone where we berthed starboard side to the Fuel Berth at 1000 where we were met by some family and friends and a number of other interested people keen to get a close look at the ship.

Once safely alongside the Youth Crew came down from the foremast (lay below) and gathered at midship’s where I presented all of them with Certificates of Achievement and said our final sad goodbyes.

Once the Youth Crew had departed the ship the Staff set about completing ‘end of voyage checks’ and getting ready for our next voyage.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the Youth Crew of Voyage 10/22 for the effort that you have put in throughout this voyage, you are a wonderful group of young Australians and all of the Staff Crew of Young Endeavour have enjoyed sharing this sailing adventure with you and wish you all the very best for the future.

Young Endeavour will stay alongside at the Gladstone Marina until 06 Sept 22 (including an Open Ship on 04 Sept 22) when she will embark a new Youth Crew and sail back to Brisbane.

Until next voyage, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav