Captain's Log
5 April 2014


Ahoy there Shipmates,This morning Sandy woke the Youth Crew at 0600 and roused them up and onto the deck for an entertaining early morning activity. With the blood flowing and everyone ready and raring for another full day of fun the Youth Crew then went below for some breakfast and to have a quick shower. The staffies made all preparations to weigh anchor at 0730 so that we could start making way to Mackay Marina.It was decided to have an early morning brief before colours. Salty explained the nautical origin of the expression ‘all above board.’ The youthies then went below once more to clean the ship in preparation for our guests. At 0830 we berthed alongside the Mackay Marina and welcomed our guests from Mackay Lifestyle Choices onboard at 0945.We departed the wharf at 1015 and proceeded out of the marina and most of our guests enjoyed some good sailing in the fresh conditions. Unfortunately a few suffered a little from seasickness. All too soon the day was at an end and we brought the Ship back alongside and disembarked our guests.The Youth Crew then went ashore to have an end of voyage chat in their watches. It was a good chance to reflect upon everything that has happened Once they were back onboard the youthies then proceeded aloft to put a final harbour furl in the square sails in preparation for the end of the voyage tomorrow.We departed the Marina at 1700 for one last anchorage so that the youthies did not spend their last night onboard, alongside. Tonight’s activities included an amazing Pizza dinner followed by a slide show of the trip and some post voyage admin which carried on late into the night for the staffies. Yours, ayeCAPT Mike


21°8's / 149°14'e


Weather: fine, Wind: SW at 10 knots, Swell: nil, Temp: 19 deg. C