Captain's Log
V19/18 Newcastle to Sydney
28 October 2018

Day 10 – Command Day, Sydney Harbour, and a VIP

Ahoy Shipmates…well that’s all she wrote. A very busy and successful voyage is drawing to a close. After a very successful Command Day (not without the odd hiccup) we arrived safely in Sydney Harbour early this morning with a weary but content Youth Crew…good job! I’ll leave it to ex-Captain Michael to fill in the details of the day. Tomorrow we bid farewell to this fine bunch of Young Australians and wish them every success…I think they’ve had fun! Til next time, fair winds…Captain Kenny

Captains Log 28 Oct 18
Hours on the Young Endeavour- 216
Days without WiFi- 9
Years of memories- Infinite
The sails were set, we were on course, making good time. When all is looking well disaster struck when the wind did a 180 and started sending us north. We had 0 boat speed and were heading back north again, not a good place to be. We decided to wake the entire crew to furl, reset the Jib to get some speed, and weared the ship back on course. Unfortunately we were going to miss our waypoint by an hour so we headed straight for Sydney, anchoring in at about 4am.
Upon waking in Sydney we kicked off a quick morning huddle at 6 to prepare everyone for the day. Getting straight into happy hour made it not quite the happiest of hours although we knew we had to get the ship in order for our visit from the Minister of Defence Personnel and Veteran Affairs. After the not so happy hour we cheered everyone up with PANCAKE DAY, putting the smiles back on everyone just in time for our special guest.
Our minister arrived at about 8:30 where I had a good talk to him and then showed him around the Young Endeavour whilst he had a chat to the rest of the crew onboard. We had our mural being drawn, youthies tying gaskets, polishing the canons and others learning ropes. The tour went very smoothly and was an honour to be a part of showing him a around the vessel.
After the minister was on his way we got stuck straight into our morning brief, having appearances from our youth Nav and soggy (salty’s estranged adopted brother) telling tales about where “salt in the wounds” came from. After that we had our Captain Michaels Marvellous Mysteries and an inspirational quote.
We didn’t stop there in picking everyone’s heads up as we got the speakers pumping for a disco in the 12 berth, squeezing everyone in there for a 3 song party. We had our “Life skills” educational briefs after that learning much about dogs, how to not upset a retail worker, and about confidence.
We handed the ship back to Kenny where I had a short speech of how proud I am of everyone on board. Half glad the pressure is off half going to miss the responsibility.

We headed ashore at Double Bay to finish off our voyage debrief. Going through what goals we set out at the start and if/how we achieved them, what we learnt from the Young Endeavour, how it changed us, and how different things will be once we get back home.
After having our coffee and chat about our experiences we had our final round of Ropies. At the start red out in front by 2, blue behind at 7 ½ and white at 6. A close finish with anyone having a chance at the grand prize. Blue watch (the best one) pulling out in front by the skin of their teeth to win the Young Endeavour Ropies Challenge, the prize, sitting on the Top Gallant sail as we dock tomorrow. It was also good because it’s the smallest easiest sail to harbour for our watch. It should be a fantastic way to end the voyage.
Knocking over our command day debrief was a great way to reflect on how we went as a team, and I believe from our results we did a pretty great job, communication was good between Watch officers to watch leaders and down to the crew. A few things we could have improved on but overall a great result.
Ending off the night with a slideshow and poem to really bring our voyage to a closure.
Once again this has been the most fantastic and unforgettable life changing experience that I could never forget. I wish all the staff crew the best of luck with their future voyages.
“its not about the destination, its about the journey” – Barrack Obama
Goodbye for now and I would wish to see you all on the high seas another time.

– Captain Payne


33 52s / 151 14e


Wind: Light and Variable Weather: Overcast Swell: Nil Location: Sydney Harbour