Captain's Log
12 August 2013


Ahoy there Shipmates,After a restful night at anchor off Rye Sandy woke us at 0630 for a swim and a rope-swing in the choppy seas and fresh 15 knot northerly breeze. After a snappy breakfast we mustered the youth crew to participate in the ceremony of colours followed by the morning brief which featured ‘Salty’s’ explanation / demonstration of the origin of the expression ‘2 – 6 – Heave!’ The elected members of the youth crew then met their Staff opposite numbers for a chat on what their jobs entail. We then gathered everyone together at midships and at 1000 I handed the Ship over to Youth Crew Captain Dan and his able-bodied crew for 24 hours. I also issued their task list and bid them every success.Next you will hear from Captain Dan who will detail the youth crew’s adventures today and tomorrow up to 1000.Until then,Yours AyeCaptain Mike—————————————————————————Ahoy there shipmates,What a pleasure it is to be the Captain of the Young Endeavour, even if only for 24 hours. It is a great honour to be representing a truly remarkable group of people, a group of people who have become my close friends over the past 10 days.The youth crew were faced with a mixture of excitement and nerves as we were faced with the challenging task of commanding the Young Endeavour for 24 hours. After the hand over ceremony we began allocating tasks to those keen to take part.The youth crew chefs (Phoenix, Zoe and Vanya) then proceeded to lay down a feast for the crew. The culinary delight that was laid before us ensured that we were in safe hands for the next 24 hours.One of the first tasks that we undertook was getting everyone aloft on the foremast. It was an impressive sight to see all 27 crew members on the mast. It was great to see some of the youth crew overcoming their fears and they showed incredible bravery.One of the more physically demanding tasks was a beach assault involving six of my fellow shipmates. As the beach assault team consisting of Annabel, Kasey, Hannah, Tyler, Troy and William prepared to enter the assault dingy the assault was temporarily postponed due to adverse weather conditions.The artists on board Phoenix and Zoe then prepared a beautiful mural at midships to represent our journey so far. Their artistic talent is truly inspiring and it was great to see our voyage represented in such an imaginative way.The navigator Andrew was then presented with his nav points and the final destination. He eagerly took the information to the command room and began planning our voyage.Emily then organised a disco in the bow of the boat. It was great to see everyone having a great time and Emily has to be congratulated for creating such a great atmosphere.Tegan, Callum and Max all put their hands up to create a hammock that would be able to support all the youth crew. Seeing all the youth crew suspended mid air above the deck was a remarkable sight.Tegan’s incredible rope work was also highlighted in her ability to tie a series of complex knots to tick off yet another task.After another great meal the beach assault team were assembled. They set off in the dingy towards land. After a gruelling half an hour they reached land where they belted out the Australian anthem and raised the Australian flag. They then battled the waves all the way home.Special mention should also go to Leigh-Anne and Lauren who polished all the brass on the ship including the two cannons to their former glory.After a series of meetings with Watch Officers Tegan, Jake and Max and Watch Leaders Claudia, Callum and Matt we raised the anchor at 2100 setting off for Ricketts Point.Navigator Andrew and Sail Master Jack were put to the test in setting the sails and navigating their way through Port Phillip Bay in challenging conditions. It is great to see the crew working together as a cohesive team with everyone ready to do the tasks at hand.What is great to see is everyone working behind the scenes to complete the tasks at hand and ensure the boat is being operated smoothly. Particularly to Steve, Jarrod, Jessie, Nadine and Zahn who are always there when work needs to be done.Until tomorrow,Captain Dan


38°16's / 144°57'e


Weather: passing showers, Wind: Light & variable, Swell: nil Temp: 17 deg. C