Captain's Log
V16/16 Darwin (NT) to Broome (WA)
27 September 2016

Day 10 – Command Day

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 10 of our voyage. It was another bright and sunny morning that greeted the Youth Crew when they were awoken from their deep slumber by Sailmaster Dion and mustered on deck at 0630 for another early morning activity. Breakfast followed then at 0730 the Staff weighed anchor and we departed Cape Leveque. Once clear of the Cape we altered course to the south west then in light conditions commenced the final 120nm of our voyage to Broome. At 0900 we had a short morning brief then the Youth Crew were given 30 minutes with the Staff to ask questions about their relevant positionsThe first thing the new command had to do was to get the ship underway which they did by requesting the use of main engines due to the light conditions. They next went into a planning phase so that they could workout how they were going to complete the many tasks that they had been given during this 24hr period.This afternoon they were kept busy completing a number of their required tasks whilst continuing to hope that the wind would veer and strengthen so that they could sail the ship to Broome.One of the many tasks to be completed is to write the Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s entry written by Michael, Matthew, Violet and Lucas. Please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav Captains Log 27 Sep 2016A’hoy shipmates,Welcome to Day Ten.THE BOAT IS OURS.We have taken command for the next 24 hours. Please do not be concerned, staff are hogtied to the mast.The roles are as follows;-          Captain Jack (Sparrow) Stuart-          Sail Master Nathan Allsop-          Navaguru Daisy Barry            and of course-          Chefs Damien, Rueben, and ShanayaWe took control at 1000hrs and immediately proceeded to make way for Cable Beach, which is a camel ride away from Broome.Capt’n Jack Sparrow was given a list of 24 tasks to be completed within 24 hours. Many of which, are only achievable once we arrive at our destination.“Don’t let go Jack”The deck has been graffitied with chalk, displaying a beautiful mural of the youth crews memories of the trip so far, including but not limited to, memes (#yolo) and sea sickness.To commemorate our capturing of the ship, we decided (see; forced) to polish the ceremonial memorabilia.One of the final wishes from the staffies, was to see the youth crew paddle ashore, raise the Australian flag and claim the beach as ours… this is yet to be completed.The day has been filled with much fun and joy. The chefs were off to an amazing start with an awesome lunch and dinner. Thank you chefs xx.By the grace of our Navigator, Daisy, we hope to survive the night. Thankfully, there are no icebergs in the area.You’ll never take us alive,Michael, Matthew, Violet and Lucas (for the Titanic references)]   SHOUTOUTSDaisy: Hi Everyone, having a great time, looking forward to seeing you all soon xx.Jack: Hi Mum, Dad, Ben, and Ruby, I’m having a great time, hope all is well. Dad, I caught a Giant Trevally.Jasmine: Hi Mitchell


17 14 S / 121 58 E


Currently located 60nm to the NNW of Cable Beach and experiencing light WSW winds with .5m SW swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 22 degrees.