Captain's Log
25 February 2015

Day 10 – A Busy Day

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 10 of our voyage. It has been a busy day for our young mariners with plenty of sail work including learning how to set and clew-up the squares, a set of rotational tacks and to complete our afternoon activities a Man Overboard Exercise. Al l of these activities are part of our training program and they are designed to prepare the Crew for when they take command of the Ship. Another activity which will be conducted by the watches overnight is the BEAREX which is a teamwork, communication and leadership exercise and I am sure this activity will challenge all of our new Crew.  White Watch had the Last Dog Watch tonight and has been given the honour of writing the Captains Log with Tilda volunteering to be our author for this evening’s edition. Please enjoy her take on today\’s activities.  Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log Wednesday 25 February 2015Ahoy There!Hello from White Watch tonight, we have had another fantastic and full day aboard Young Endeavour. We awoke to clear skies, warm weather and good spirits, which were only dampened slightly by having the cups confiscated for a few minutes in the morning to teach us a lesson about making sure to clean up after our coffees.  The morning brief was as entertaining as usual, where we learnt a little from Salty about ship figure head maintenance back in the day, with his lovely assistants Tenille, Lauren and Jodie. We then entered aptly named Happy Hour, giving the ship a good tidy.  In the afternoon after a fabulous lunch we had a short and much appreciated siesta, until it was once again time for the infamous rope races. The extra challenge today was one of our favourites so far, as each watch consumed 1.5L of icecream and a chilli. It had some messy results but was certainly much enjoyed by staff and crew alike.  After this we moved into some extra sail theory from our one and only Dion, who gave us a detailed rundown on the functionality of our square sails. We then went about setting the Topsail (middle square sail) together, which was a delight to finally be able to use. After that we tacked the ship in our watches tacking stations, before rotating to each other watches station for further practice tacks. In doing this we all gained a much better understanding of the collective effort needed to make each part of the tack work as seamlessly as possible.  Shortly after we had completed that, the cry of ‘Man Overboard Drill!’ was heard throughout the ship. We mustered at midships and were quickly instructed to furl all the sails as we motored slightly closer to the life ring that was our indicator. Sandy bravely wetsuited up and then jumped into the waters, with crew operating the swimmer recovery reel at the direction of the watch officers as the life ring was recovered. Our doctor and medic, Tenielle and Lauren, then went about the medical procedures involved before we finished the drill. After this we went through a quick shark deterrence demonstration from our very own Matt the Navigator, who demonstrated how a rifle would be used to deter the shark from any swimmers who would be in the water.  After all this excitement we reset all the useful sails and continued on as normal, with watches returning to the bridge before Double A served up another delectable meal for us.  White Watch did a final climb to watch the sun go down over the horizon and we have now nearly completed our last watch for tonight. We are tired but very satisfied with all the different skills and training we achieved today.  That’s it from us tonight, thank you for readingTilda  P.S Big hello once again to Dad, Mum (give Fletch a hug from me), Steffi and Josh as well as everyone else following along. Thank you to all of you for helping me get here! Lots of love xx Tilda  P.P.S. Hi Mum and Dad, can I ask a favour?! Can you please let Anne at the bank know I’m going to Cape Verde? I think I left it off my list. Also Alex if you’re reading this would you believe I’ve lost my sunglasses already! I hope the fish of the Atlantic enjoy them more than me. Missing everyone terribly! Cass xxx  PPPS. Hi Mum, Dad and Sonia. Having a great time and learning the ways of the Navy, they are an interesting lot…. Hi to the FN team, hope everything is moving along. YM&OF  PPPPS. Hey Mum and Dad, just a quick update today. Things have been smooth sailing for the last few days (pun very much intended), with the only issue really being the heat down below deck and the fatigue associated with the irregular hours caused by keeping watch. I am still climbing the fore mast as much as I can, the sun sets/rises are still spectacular, the food is still great. Love you heaps and will chat you when I get the chance. Love Eden    “ 


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