Captain's Log
V03/20 Melbourne to Adelaide
31 January 2020

Day 1 – Williamstown to Mornington…Hot and 50+ Knots!

Ahoy shipmates, and welcome to Voyage 03/20…Melbourne to Adelaide. What a day it has been, and the word for the day is…HOT! It was a balmy 39 degrees as the youth crew embarked this afternoon at 1500, with the ship berthed at Workshop Pier, Seaworks, Williamstown. After quick tours for family and friends we all gathered at midships as I welcomed all and introduced the staff crew for the voyage. They are: Captain – Kenny, Sailmaster – Tracey, Navigator – Jerome, Watch Officer – Ivanka, White Watch Leader – Morgan assisted by Phoebe, Red Watch Leader – Reggie, Blue Watch Leader – Keithy, Engineer – Horto and Chef – Keely. With a strong wind and thunderstorm warning for the Melbourne area and Port Phillip, once our guests had disembarked we delayed our departure…a good move it turned out because very soon after we had 50+ knots across the deck as a series of squalls passed through. Once things had calmed down, we departed our berth and made our way to our overnight anchorage off Mornington, with the youth crew conducting ice-breakers and ship’s tours along the way. Enroute we were hit by some more 40+ knot winds, and no sooner were we at anchor then some 45+ knot squalls hit. Never fear…YE took it all in her stride. After a delicious dinner from Chef Keely (lamb shanks and turkey) we rolled through the initial briefs, hearing from Engineer Horto, Chef Keely, Sailmaster Tracey and myself, highlighting some of the do’s and don’ts associated with life on a tall ship, and encouraging the youth crew to seize every opportunity during the voyage. It was then time for the harness and safety aloft briefs, interrupted by some more squalls and rain, before finally White Watch and Blue Watch both lay aloft to the top of the foremast to the top gallant yard. In the interest of having everyone in bed by a reasonable time, Red Watch climbs were deferred until the morning. By 1030 everyone was back on deck and headed to their racks for some much needed sleep…Day 2 is always uber busy….and more storms are forecast…fun fun fun! That’s about it for now…until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny


38 12s / 145 02e


Wind: SE at 10 knots Weather: Passing showers Sea: Mild Location: At anchor off Mornington