Captain's Log
V08/19 Mackay to Cairns
24 May 2019

Day 1 – Welcome Aboard and First Night Climbs!

Ahoy shipmates, and welcome to Voyage 8/19…Cairns here we come! Cooler than expected weather greeted the Youth Crew as they embarked Young Endeavour alongside Mackay Marina at 1500 this afternoon. A late minute cancellation saw 23 young adventurers join us for the trip north…one of our favourite voyages noting we will get to visit places like the Whitsundays, Orpheus Island and Hinchinbrook Island to name but a few. As the Youth Crew stowed their bags below, the small group of friends and family took the opportunity to cast an eye over the ship and then, with all the Youth Crew embarked, we gathered at midships for the formal welcome and introduction of the Staff Crew. For this voyage they are…Captain Kenny, Sailmaster Karly, Assistant Sailmaster Tug, Navigator Jerome, Boats Officer Ivanka, White Watch Leader Harry, Red Watch Leader Morgan, Blue Watch Leader Zac, Chef Marcus and Engineer Horto. Amongst our visitors we had Chris Galloway, a former Captain of Young Endeavour. I have him to thank for encouraging me to pursue a position in the ship back in 2006…very sound advice, thanks Chris. With the formalities complete our guests departed and the Youth Crew settled in with their Watch Leaders for ice breakers and detailed ship’s tours. Prior to dinner, Karly gave the Sailmaster’s brief outlining some guidelines for the voyage, which was followed by the usual delicious fare for dinner. I then gave the Captain’s brief, encouraging all to embrace the opportunities that would come their way over the next 11 days, ensuring they leave with no regrets. As I write Karly is giving the safety aloft and harness brief in preparation for first night climbs. The Youth Crew will lay aloft to the top of the foremast, some 33 metres in height, always a challenge. On completion they will settle in for their first night onboard, catching up on some vital sleep in preparation for the busy days ahead. We will remain alongside Mackay Marina tonight, departing at 0700 tomorrow morning…on to the Whitsundays! That’s it for now…time for me to go and assist on deck. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny


21 06s / 149 13e


Wind: SE at 13 knots Weather: Cloudy Location: Alongside Mackay Marina