Captain's Log
V15/19 Eden to Sydney
30 November 2019

Day 1 – Welcome Aboard and First Night Climbs.

Ahoy Shipmates…welcome to Voyage 15/19…the penultimate for 2019 (Sydney to Hobart to go). At 1500 this afternoon, in rather blustery conditions, 27 young adventurers embarked Young Endeavouor alongside Breakwater Wharf Eden. A large number of friends and family were in tow, and once the youth crew had stowed their gear and our guests had completed quick tours of the ship, we commenced welcome proceedings amidships. I took the opportunity to provide a brief history of the ship and program to our visitors, welcome the youth crew, and introduce the staff crew. They are…Captain-Kenny, Sailmaster-James, Navigator-Harry, Boats Officer-Ivanka, White Watch Leader-Morgan, Red Watch Leader-Lauren, Blue Watch Leader-Ben, Chef-Keely and Engineer-Mark. It was them time for our guests to depart, as the youth crew were given a quick safety brief and rolled into ship tours and ice-breakers. Due to the strong winds the decision was made to remain alongside until conditions eased. After a delicious dinner from Keely, the Sailmaster brief (do’s and don’ts) and Captain’s briefs (take every opportunity), it was time for the harness and safety aloft brief, before the youth crew commenced laying aloft for their first climbs. In order to ensure everyone had a reasonable amount of sleep, only Red and Blue Watches made it up and back. White Watch will get their turn tomorrow. Once everyone was back on deck the youth crew hit their racks, while the staffies unberthed the ship and proceed the short distance to our overnight anchorage in Snug Cove…a busy Day 2 ahead. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.


37 04s / 149 54e


Wind: SW at 5 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Snug Cove, Eden.