Captain's Log
16 June 2016

Day 1 – Voyage Underway

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Young Endeavours third voyage of our 2016 Circumnavigation of Australia. I have just returned from having a voyage off and am really excited to be back sailing this part of the Australian Coast.

The Young Endeavour Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows:

Captain – Gav

Sail Master – Kenny

Navigator – Luke

BOATSO – Jarrod

Red Watch Leader – Adam (Assisted by Megan)

White Watch Leader – Evan

Blue Watch Leader – Jess

Chef – Jenko

Engineers – Horto

The voyage commenced at 1500 this afternoon when our new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour berthed alongside at HMAS Morton which is located within the Bulimba Army Barracks. Once onboard and all gear stowed, everyone mustered on deck for my welcome address and Staff Crew introductions. On completion we farewelled family and friends and quickly made preparations to get underway so that we could depart our berth and get well ahead of a P&O Cruise Liner due to depart Hamilton Wharf at 1600.

This was achieved and by 1545 we were well clear of our berth and had commenced our pilotage out of the Brisbane River. During this pilotage the Watch Leaders conducted some ‘ice breaker activities’ and ships tours. Dinner followed with Chef Jenko producing the first of many great meals for this voyage.

At 1730 we entered Morton Bay then shaped a course for the east of the bay and our planned anchorage at Morton Island. During our passage across Morton Bay we conducted Captain and Sail Master Chats and on completion came safely to anchor just to the north east of the Tangalooma Resort at 1930. Once at anchor Kenny and Megan mustered everyone at midships and gave them a very thorough safety brief which was followed by harness and climbing briefs.

Normally on completion of these activities we would go straight into first night climbs but given our late anchorage we have decided to defer these climbs until tomorrow morning ensuring that the Youth Crew will be well rested prior to undertaking this activity.

Given the current weather forecast it is our intention to remain at anchor at Tangalooma overnight then weigh anchor early tomorrow afternoon, conduct our pilotage out of Morton Bay then shape a course to the north and start making best speed to Harvey Bay, which is currently planed to be our next anchorage.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


27 10 S / 153 22 E


Currently at anchor at Tangalooma and experiencing light ESE winds with nil swell and the current temperature is 15 degrees.