Captain's Log
V14/16 Gove (NT) to Darwin (NT)
22 August 2016

Day 1 – Voyage Underway

Hi Everyone,                     Welcome to Young Endeavours eight voyage of our 2016 Circumnavigation of Australia. This voyage will see us sail from Gove (to Darwin which is approximately 450nm but I am sure that we will cover a few more miles than that during the next 11 days. We have put together a great Staff Crew for this voyage who I know will take great care of our new Youth Crew ensuring that they all have an amazing experience.           The Young Endeavour Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows: Captain –                                 GavSail Master –                            EvanNavigator –                              Kyle BOATSO –                              JordoRed Watch Leader –                Kimberly   White Watch Leader –                         TugBlue Watch Leader –               JamesChef –                                                 MarcosEngineer –                                Danny Also joining Young Endeavour for this voyage is Katherine, Jess and Kelly who were three of our World Voyagers from last year who volunteered to come back and sail with us as Assistant Watch Leaders.    The voyage commenced a little later than normal today because being at anchor we had to ferry everyone and their gear out to the ship which has been anchored in Gove Harbour since the completion of the last voyage. By just after 1600 we had everyone onboard and once they had stowed their gear they mustered up on deck for my welcome address and Staff Crew introductions. On completion it was straight into some ‘ice breaker’ activities and for some a quick tour of the ship.Once we had cleaned up from dinner we continued with ships tours then Tug and James gave a very extensive safety brief on all of the ships safety equipment. Informative briefs by the Engineer and Chef followed then Evan and I got to sit down with our new crew and talk to them about the voyage program and what they can expect throughout their time onboard.    The time is now 2100 and Evan (Sail Master) is just giving a practical demonstration on our harness and climbing system which will be the final activity for the tonight. It is our intention to remain at anchor overnight, completing first climbs of the foremast in the morning, before weighing anchor and setting sail after lunch. Already you can see that our new crew have settled in well and all are excited about the journey ahead  Until tomorrow evening, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


12 11 S / 136 41 E


Currently at anchor in Gove Harbour and are enjoying moderate NE winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 21 degrees.