Captain's Log
V16/21 Sydney to Hobart
21 December 2021

Day 1 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Start

Ahoy there shipmates, landlubbers and armchair sailors,


Welcome to the Captain’s Log for Voyage 16/21 – Sydney to Hobart (supporting the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race).

Our Crew joined at 0900 today at HMAS Waterhen, and they look like a great bunch. We have 14 returnee Youth Crew from New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria – all of whom have previously completed the youth development program on board Young Endeavour. They are joined by 9 guests of the staff crew as well as 2 guests from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, who will conduct radio relay duties in support of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

After stowing their kit bags below deck, I made a welcome address and introduced my skilled and experienced staff crew for this voyage… namely:
– Sail Master – Kenny,
– Navigator – Emma,
– Red Watch Leader – TJ,
– White Watch Leader – Bobby,
– Assistant White Watch Leader – Theresa,
– Blue Watch Leader – Dazza,
– Chef – Jarod,
– Engineer – Shaun,
– Nursing Officer – Cody.

After a busy morning welcoming the new crew and conducting pre-voyage checks we had some lunch to celebrate the occasion. We then sailed at 1415 and Watch Leaders kicked off ships’ tours as we sailed through Sydney Harbour and out, following the racing yachts.

Dinner was served shortly after 1700, and it was delectable my dear readers. Jarod the chef is off to a great start.

The fish feeding then began in earnest assisted by strong southerly winds 20-25 kts and a 1.5 – 2 m swell, but the crew is pushing through conducting watch on deck, including helm and lookout duties, overnight.
Sad to hear a number of racing yachts withdrawing due to damage sustained in the challenging conditions. Commiserations to them.

We will continue motorsailing to the south overnight and will stand by to lend a hand if required.

Good night and stay safe.

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+

– – – – – – – – – –

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34° 09' S / 34° 09' S 151° 42' E


Weather: Rain. Wind: SSE @ 20-25kts. Temp: 20. Swell: SSE @ 2m.