Captain's Log
25 July 2016

Day 1 – Land lubbers ahoy!

Ahoy there fellow sailors, land lubbers, armchair sailors, friends and followers,

T’was a great pleasure to meet the lovely youth crew of Voyage 12 today in Cairns. They embarked at 1500 with friends and family in tow, who came to inspect the ship and the staff crew, and to farewell their loved one for 10 days. I told them to rest assured, we would take very good care of their young sailors, as we have a great staff crew for this voyage. Namely:

Sail Master – Brad
Navigator – Kyle
Red Watch Leader – Megan
White Watch Leader – Kenny aka Knuckle (Assisted by Keely) – It’s his last voyage!
Blue Watch Leader – Kimberly (Assisted by Charles)
Chef – Jenko
Engineer – Horto

We also have a member of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme (shore team) embarked, Erin.

On completion of the welcome and crew introductions, we excitedly farewelled family and friends, Megan gave a safety brief, and we made preparations to get underway. At 1600 we cast off lines, departed the marina without incident and motored upstream to an anchorage in the vicinity of Admiralty Island, in the Trinity Inlet.

During this transit, Watch Leaders conducted ‘ice breaker’ activities and ships’ tours which continued after we came to anchor. Once at anchor, our seaboat was launched to pickup two tardy members of the youth crew who had arrived at the Marina late (delayed flight). With them both onboard, dinner was next on the agenda, and Jenko dazzled us with his culinary skills. Don’t tell him, but he’s pretty good!

Once we had cleaned up from dinner, the Youth Crew were mustered at midships where I spoke to them about what to expect over the next 10 days and ways to ensure maximum involvement in the program. Simply, to ‘get amongst it’, was the key. Brad spoke next about youth crew responsibilities, some words on safety, and a few more ‘guidelines’ to ensure communal harmony and unconditional positive regard for all. They were then handed back to their Watch Leaders for deck safety and Full Value Contracts. Watch leaders will secure their troops shortly to ensure a solid nights sleep is had in preparation for a very busy day tomorrow.

It is our intention to remain at anchor overnight, completing first climbs of the foremast in the morning before weighing anchor and setting sail after lunch. The adventure has begun and a sense of palpable, excitement is in the air… I wonder where we will be tomorrow night?

Good night and stay safe.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam

Quote of the day:
“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible. Suddenly you’re doing the impossible” – St Francis of Assisi.


16 56 S / 145 47 E


Wind: SSE 5-10. Temp: 25.