Captain's Log
25 September 2013

Day 1 – Hobart to Sea

G’day shipmates,Welcome to Young Endeavour’s Returnee Voyage 16 for 2013. Our journey starts in the Maritime City of Hobart, where the Ship has been participating in the Tall Ships Festival for the last 5 days, and will conclude in Sydney to start the International Fleet Review in nine days. We have a magnificent tall ship, wind for our sails and the TAS, VIC and NSW coasts to explore. The potential is limitless and sense of adventure is infectious. I would like to introduce the Team of Staff Crew that will facilitate this voyage of adventure:Captain – MikeSail Master – GavNavigator – CaitlinWatch Officer – JenRed Watch Leader – SumoWhite Watch Leader – MickBlue Watch Leader – TillyChef – HaydoEngineer – LindseySuper-nummary CoatseyVoyage 16 officially commenced at 0800 today when the Returnee Crew and a few families and friends were welcomed onboard to have a quick look around the Ship and meet the Staff Crew. While the Staffies prepared to sail in company with the other seven Tall Ships that were in Hobart with us, the Dutch ships Europa, Tecla and Oosterschelde; the British Lord Nelson and the other Australian ships Lady Nelson, Soren Larson and Windeward Passage; the returnees settled in onboard and attended a safety brief, given by Guv. We departed the berth at 1015 and proceeded to our start position for the Parade of Sail which involved all the Ships forming a column, motoring north towards the Tasman bridge, wheeling around a turning buoy, setting max sail and then saluting the Governor of Tasmania, embarked in the MV EGERIA, anchored off Macquarie Point. All remaining tall ships did this in sequence, after which we performed a parade of sail down stream the Derwent River.The consensus amongst the tall ships was to proceed to anchor in Port Arthur that afternoon to give new crew members a chance to settle-in onboard before facing some moderate weather. We led the ships into the anchorage at 1800 and had dinner. On completion we undertook first night climbs and then sailed at 2200 to continue our passage up the Tasmanian east coast, knowing the forecast weather was manageable for our returnees.The conditions remained relatively comfortable and the returnees kept their first underway watches of the voyage through the night. I am very pleased to report that the returnee crew has done extremely well on their first day and I am from the outset impressed with their attitude and enthusiasm.We plan to find a sheltered anchorage in the vicinity of Maria Island where we can put the crew ashore for a couple of hours, before continuing our passage to Sydney.Until Thursday evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Mike     “ 


43° 8' South / 147° 51' East


The conditions at anchor in Port Arthur were very pleasant, with little breeze and no swell. Temperature at 2200 was 13 deg. C