Captain's Log
30 January 2010

Day 1: All is good!

Hello there everyone, Welcome to Young Endeavour’s Third Voyage for 2010. Our final destination is ���the one and the same�� as our spectacular place of departure. Yes, that’s right, our journey from Sydney starts and will finally conclude where it commenced, in one of the worlds most beautiful and iconic harbours. This also means that we are not constrained by distances or destinations. We have a magnificent tall ship, wind for our sails and the east Australian coast to explore. The potential is limitless and sense of adventure is infectious. I would like to introduce the Team of Staff Crew that will facilitate this voyage of adventure:Captain ��� Dion CurtisSail Master ��� Adam FarleyNavigator ��� ���Dutchy�� Van PuttenBOATSO ��� Jarrod WeavingRed Watch Leader ��� Shayne FirthWhite Watch Leader ��� Paul McDowellAssistant White Watch Ldr – Sammi CourtBlue watch Leader ��� ���Snowy�� LaundonChef ��� ���The Chad�� MorganEngineer – Josh BignellAdditional to Assist – Murray HenstockThe voyage commenced at 1500 today when the new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour at her regular Sydney berth at Fleet Base East. Once gear was stowed, everyone mustered on deck for my welcome address and Staff Crew introductions. We farewelled loved ones, family and friends and then prepared to set sail. Around 1600 we cast-off lines and proceeded across the harbour, working our way through a number of yacht races to our anchorage in Watson’s Bay for the night. During this transit and after we had safely anchored the Watch Leaders conducted a number of ���ice breaker activities’ which was soon followed by ships tours. The first of many very tasty dinners was enjoyed by all, (well done yet again Chad). Once we had cleaned up from dinner, I had a bit of chat to our new team about what their voyage would entail, what I promised them of myself and what I expected from them. Then Adam, as Sail Master had a chat about some of the rules, regulations and safety aspects before giving a safety aloft brief and demonstration. Then without further ado all of the Youth Crew commenced their first night climbs of the foremast. With some nerves, some ���jelly like�� legs, a great deal of courage and a lot of determination every single member of our new team successfully made it all the way to the topgallant yard (highest yard) on top of the foremast. I am very pleased to report that all of the Youth Crew have done extremely well on their first day and I am from the outset impressed with their effort and attitude. Tomorrow afternoon we will depart Sydney Harbour and will literally make a decision on which way to go based on where the wind takes us . . . because . . . we are FREE, and have the ability to do so. It has the makings of a brilliant voyage on this fine Tall Ship and all are excited at the prospects.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Dion


33° 50' South / 151° 16' East


East/ South Easterly Winds at 10-15 knots. Mostly fine but experienced some light showers.