Captain's Log
V16/19 Sydney to Hobart
26 December 2019

Day 1 – 175th Sydney to Hobart…and They’re Racing!.

Ahoy shipmates, Merry Xmas and greetings from the 175th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. For those who weren’t aware, Young Endeavour is once again supporting the event as the back-up radio relay vessel. On board we have 10 staff crew, 24 returnee young (and some not so) adventurers, and two radio operators from the CYCA. The day started under sunny conditions at 0945 when we commenced embarking our crew. Everyone was on time and following a quick introduction and initial safety brief, we departed at 1030 into the chaos that was Sydney Harbour pre-race start. Fortunately we avoided incident and exited the heads just after 1100, prior to race precinct restrictions commencing. We slowly made our way to the north, before turning south to be in a position east of the seaward mark as the leaders made their way out of the harbour, surrounded by a mass of spectator craft…something akin to the charge of the light brigade. In prime position, and not wishing to miss out on the fun, we set a full press of sails (fore and aft plus square sails), and began paralleling the fleet south. We had no chance of matching it with leaders (surprise, surprise) who were making good over 20 knots. Never fear though, as I write we are making good 10 knots under sail, perhaps with a little assistance from the good old Eastern Australian Current (we’re riding it dude!)…a cracking pace. Our returnees are a little bit rusty, but it is slowly coming back to them, under the watchful eyes of the staff watch leaders. Most have been for a climb, set a few sails, and some less fortunate souls have fed the fish…life a sea! We have a good range amongst the returnees…from as far back as a voyage in 1991, to more recent trips…ie this year, and everything in between. The forecast is promising for the next few days, with a southerly buster due to hit early next week…hopefully Bass Strait is kind to us! That’s about it for now, we have settled into watches overnight, and have commenced monitoring the first radio sked (schedule). I will enlist the assistance of the returnees tomorrow night for Captain’s Log, until then, fair winds, Captain Kenny.


34 42s / 151 21e


Wind: NE at 23 knots Weather: Fine/Hazy Sea: Moderate Course: 180 Speed: 10 knots Location: 25 nautical miles SE of Kiama