Captain's Log
23 July 2000

Dancing with Dolphins

We have kept a light but steady breeze today enabling us to catch up on all the sail training we needed for this stage of the voyage. Last night was the first where we have not had to use the engines. This morning after breakfast it was straight into demonstration tacks where we conduct a number of tacks and wears with some of the Youth Crew observing from the bridge so that everyone gets the opportunity to understand how tacking a brigantine is coordinated. After a belated happy hour and lunch a well earned siesta was enjoyed by all (except those on watch of course) followed by rope races. With the coming of wind we decided we had better pay homage to our wind god, Brother Nutze, a special ceremony the Youth Crew (now old salts all) are sworn to secrecy over.This evening is another night at sea with the expectation of a few night tacks as we work our way south.Youth Crew entry by Matthew Walker (age 21 from Sydney) – Another beautiful 8-12pm watch. Enough wind to sail, our watch decided to take the challenge of putting up a sail without the helpof our Blue Watch Leader, Kath. After that we had a group talk, I saw three shooting stars and made my wishes. First thing this morning we tacked ship, had breakfast, practised tacking and wearing ship a few times, meanwhile spotting a plethora of dolphins. We appreciated our first real day of wind filling the sails. Many jokes were told. We all had a siesta with the exception of Red Watch. Lots of fun had by all, really enjoying the voyage and people.Youth Crew entry by Leonie Collingwood (age 22 from Lismore) – This morning we had the pleasure of dancing with dolphins. They came and danced with the bowsprit giving us a real close up view and plenty of photo opportunities and the whole crew a lift in an otherwise ‘cruisy’ day.Today we discovered wind, with the help of ‘Brother Nutze’ we summoned the wind god. This afternoon’s round of rope races was won by my watch ‘the mighty reds’ who after a slow start slaughtered the other watches. The end result means that all watches are tied. Another great day of meals with a Sunday roast and a treat to the ‘movies’ where we watched how back in the old days, when men were made of steel, sailing was done, with popcorn made by our resident master chef. Tonight as I continue my watch I feel I could fall asleep amongst the stars.So long for now Cap’n Bob (and Matthew and Leonie)


20° 24' South / 149° 30'


Course East speed 3 knots. Wind Southeast 10 knots, Temp 20 degrees, skies clear.