Captain's Log
V06/18 Hobart to Melbourne
3 September 2018

D’Entrecasteaux Channel

Hi Everyone,Welcome to Young Endeavours sixth voyage for 2018. This voyage will see us sail from Hobart to Melbourne via the West Coast of Tasmania which is approximately 550nm. Along the way we will get to explore some of the spectacular coastline along Tasmania’s picturesque West Coast before crossing the infamous Bass Strait.  We have put together another great Staff Crew for this voyage who I know will take great care of our new Youth Crew ensuring that they all have an amazing experience. The Young Endeavour Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows:Captain –                       MikeSail Master –                   DionNavigator –                     EvanWatch Officer–          AdamRed Watch Leader –              BlakeWhite Watch Leader –    KarlyBlue Watch Leader –             Baggers and Blue A/Watch Leader -       MarcusChef –                          ZacEngineer -                      BrettSupernumerary           MorganThe voyage commenced at 1500 today when the new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour berthed starboard side to Hobart’s Macquarie No 1 Wharf. Once gear had been stowed and family and friends had been given a tour of the ship I gave my welcome address then on completion said our farewell’s to our guests. At 1600 lines were cast off and we  departed our berth then commenced the 21nm passage down the Derwent River and into the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. During this passage we completed a safety brief, some ‘ice breaker’ activities, Ship’s tours, my Captain’s brief and Zac’s delicious dinner before coming safely to anchor in Isthmus Bay at 1915.With these chats complete Dion, the Sail Master, gave his harness and climbing brief, after which we conducted the first night climbs. The watches climbed one at a time and while the other watches were waiting their turn Watch Leaders worked on deck safety and the completion of Full Value Contracts. These activities continued until midnight when the final watch was back on deck. We then all got together for a quick hot chocolate and one of Zac’s home baked chocolate chip cookies.It has been a good start to the voyage and I am pleased how well the Youth Crew have already settled into their new environment. Tomorrow will be another busy day with the Ship weighing anchor in the forenoon watch and commencing our passage around the west coast.Until tomorrow, Yours ayeCaptain Mike


43 14.2' S / 147 20.1' E


Weather - fine, Wind - light and variable, Swell - nil, Temperature - 16 deg. C