Captain's Log
24 March 2002

Cutting through the Seas

Current situation at 1800: We sailed further into the Strait overnight and as the wind steadily grew through the day we went faster and faster until we had all sail up and were cutting through the sea at 9 knots. The YCproved to themselves and me that they could safely set all the sails so I gave the go ahead for Command Day – they passed the big test.We flew towards the anchorage at Emu Bay – the second best beach in Australia but the beach obviously didn’t want us to stay. As soonas we anchored the anchor started dragging so, reluctantly, we weighed it and proceeded to another bay which was more protected. Three hours later at 8 PM we anchored at American River, KI, and stayed for the night. Tomorrow is Command Day so the YC can get a good night’s sleep before their excellent adventure.Youth Crew entry by Emily Dean 23 CanberraSo I’ve survived the sea sickness and managed to eat again after not being able to eat for 3 days. Although tonight I had to chase my dinner around the table as we rolled around the seas. I’ve donethings on board the Young Endeavour that I never would have dreamed possible and have seen some amazing sights and a few sharks along theway. The Youth Crew on board are a fantastic bunch and everyone has been supportive of each other, especially when facing difficult andchallenging situations. A big hello to everyone following this adventure of ours and a special Hi to Mum, Dad, Lauren, Maddie, Andrew and all my pals on land. See you on Thursday. Love Em XXXXXHi guys it’s Claire from Clareville here. I cant believe that our journey is almost over. The staff crew and youth crew are amazing, especially Casey our super, who has been a breath of fresh air .It’s been an amazing experience, through the hard times and the good. Sleep deprivation is pulling us all through and making for amusingtimes. White watch and our leader Rags are great, we’ve all gelled together really well. Today all the watches had their turn at showing off our newly gained skills. Tomorrow will be the real test when we take over for 24hrs. Bullet wanted to be mentioned so heres your chance in the spot light. See you all when we hit the mainland.A quick hi to Christians M and D. Hi Craig, Debs, Anx, Tara, Petey and family….ClaireStay tuned,Andrew Davis


35° 37' South / 137° 47'


At sea in Investigator Strait, near Kangaroo Island. Wind westerly at 25 knots, temp 1C