Captain's Log
19 May 2007

Crossing the NSW/QLD Border!

Ahoy Me Hearties,What an interesting 24 hours!Overnight we sailed throught some squally weather, with the wind finally settling down not long before midnight to allow us to use the square sails and make good time overnight. By sunrise we were abeam Cape Byron, the most easterly point of Australia. We went to anchor in Byron Bay just after lunch, but unfortunately we couldn’t get ashore due to the surf on the beach. As an alternative we had our mid voyage talks, followed by a swim. Sadly the swim had to be cut short when we saw a school of fish trying to jump out of the water just next to the ship. On the basis that big fish chase little fish, we had to close the pool.The wind has died out almost altogether and so we are motoring slowly towards the Gold Coast, where we will come to anchor off the seaway late tomorrow morning.The team are bonding well together, and everyone is having a great time, with smiles and an outbreak of morale all round.Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours Aye,Chris Chris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


28° 32' South / 153° 39' East


Calm, clear, cool