Captain's Log
23 March 2007

Crossing Tasman Sea

After a delightful sunset last night, we farewelled New Zealand landfall at around midnight. With nothing but the sea on the horizon we woke this morning to a clear day and only a few clouds in the sky. Morning brief kicked the day off with a special theme to Happy Hour – deck head day! Hooray! A clean ship is afterall, a happy ship. Todays activities included rope races and a sail theory lecture where all Youth Crew learnt about the balance aspects of sailing a Tall Ship. The day is now drawing to a close and with all three square sails set, Young Endeavour is a glorious sight!Below are comments from some of the Youth Crew:Kim – Really interesting lecture on sail theory, fantastic illustrations. Today I got to plot a GPS fix on the map and found out a bit about measuring distances/times across the water. Food continues to be fab – not looking forward to my cooking when I get home!scott – having a great time climbing the mast and steering the ship also learing navagation skills and wat we have to do to get the ship to cruise alone nicley and chads cooking rocks!Until tomorrow…I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


34° 16' South / 169° 28' East


SE'ly winds 15-20kts, low swell 1/2 meter, slight chop, partly cloudy