Captain's Log
24 March 2007


Today was a lovely day with clear skys and favourable winds. The highlight of the day was rotational tacks where all watches got to rotate through the other two watches tacking stations. This is all in preparation for Command Day in a few days time.Australia is getting nearer!Below are comments from some of the Youth Crew:JarrodWe have made it half way through the voyage and are half way between New Zealand and Australia, with nothing to see but the deep blue and the odd whale. Things I have enjoyed are being a part of a great team, as well as Chads awesome banquets. Spending time in New Zealand was alot of fun as we did alot of cool stuff, for example the walk to a waterfall in Piahia, having a look around Waitangi and jumping of the boat and swimming in the ocean.Climbling aloft is great and rope races keep us on task.JacquiToday has been very long and included navigation lessons, tacking practice and Whale watching. It started at 5am in the galley as DISH PIG with the Chad!! A much sort after position as it means a full night sleep and plenty of taste testing. I have to go as apparently the web in the ocean! ByeUntil tomorrow…I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain 


34°9's / 165°17'e


NW'ly winds 12-17kts, sky partly cloudy, long low S'ly swell, slight chop