Captain's Log
26 March 2007



Life at sea is always interesting. There’s always something new to learn or something different to see. Last night we learnt that there is sometimes a calm before a storm!Light and variable winds were expected for the first half of the night before backing rounds to the south/south east ahead of an expected front. With the isobars fairly well spread out it was expected that the winds would gradually build. The winds changed around 2130 and built steadily to about 30-35kts. It was great fun! This is what sailing a tall ship is all about and the Youth Crew took on the challenge of setting storm sails with vigour. By midnight the Young Endeavour was pushing along steadily at 6-7kts under the forestay sail, mainstay sail and storm trisail. The morning watch later set the storm jib.With a few seasick crew members, it was a day of rest. Rough weather takes a bit out of you!Below are comments from some of the Youth Crew:JamesThe voyage has been awesome so far, started with a relaxing begining to the voyage with seening the sites of New Zealand. We then left New Zealand and hit the Tasman Sea which has been intense up until today. We had a sea state of 7. Undergoing our watch early in the morning was crazy, we needed to set the storm jib and we were sliding all over the place. My watch group is awesome and so far I have enjoyed every second of the trip. I recommend it to any one who is considering coming on board.ThomasHi all, the trip has been wild so far and lots of fun. The best part I think has been climbing aloft during the recent weather. All the youth crew have been really great and our watch leader Bec is fanatastic and helps us out whenever we need it. Young Endeavour has been really great so far and I cant wait to sail into Sydney.Until tomorrow…I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain

Latitude/Longitude: 34°1's / 160°24'e


S-SSW'ly 30-35kts, sea state 7, skys cloudy, passing showers, smiles every where