Captain's Log
21 September 2009

Crocodile Creek

Hi Everyone, Following a good nights rest at anchor the crew were wide awake and on deck at 0630 to witness another amazing sunrise and enjoy an early morning activity. Following breakfast and morning brief the boat was launched and we started ferrying the Youth Crew up Crocodile Creek to the spectacular waterfall and swimming hole (crocodile free of course) were we planned to spend the rest of the morning. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience of swimming in such a remote and picturesque location and convincing the Youth Crew that it was time to return to the ship was not an easy task. By 1200 everyone was back onboard and prior to weighing anchor we enjoyed a memorable BBQ on deck which was expertly cooked by Staff members Trish, Brook, Nikki and Penny. At 1300 the anchor was weighed and we departed Yampi Sound. During the afternoon I conducted Captains setting and furling drills and am happy to report that all watches pasted with flying colours which means that they are now ready to take the ship. This evening I gave my brief on the positions, expectations and challenges of Command Day and at the moment they are conducting their own elections to decide on who will hold the Command Positions.On completion of these elections the Youth Crew will settle into their watches for the night and hopefully get a reasonable night’s sleep in preparation for what is expected to be a challenging Command Day.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


16° 3' South / 123° 3' East


Currently located 20nm to the west of King Georges Sound and experiencing 15kt SW winds with a 2m swell.